7 Reasons Why Artec Leo Takes 3D Scanning to The Next Level [With Video Demos]

Published on January 15, 2020. Written by: Paul Motley

Artec Leo is the next-generation wireless professional-grade 3D scanner. It pushes the boundaries of what a 3D scanner can do. The self-contained handheld device makes professional 3D scanning as simple as taking a video on a cell phone.

Artec Leo is an easy-to-use 3D scanner for capturing medium to large-sized objects into digital 3D models in high resolution and accuracy. To give you a better idea of what it can scan, Artec Leo is ideal for 3D scanning:

  • Autobodies
  • Industrial equipment
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Ship propellers
  • Small boats
  • Human body scans
  • Furniture and room interiors
Artec Leo Handheld scanning car
Artec Leo is a tetherless, self-contained 3D scanner.

Since its release, it has received worldwide recognition for its excellence in product design innovation.

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Let’s take a look and see what’s impressive about the Artec Leo and use videos to demonstrate.

  1. Employing State-Of-The-Art Technologies For Best-In-Class User Experience

    built-in touchscreen

    Built-In Touchscreen & Simple Interface

    Artec Leo is the first 3D scanner to offer onboard automatic processing—without the need of a computer or tablet. You do not need a separate processing system for the entire 3D capturing stage.

    NVIDIA logo

    Artec Leo is built on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform, which is the scanner’s own internal computer. It features:

    • Quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A57 MPCore CPU
    • NVIDIA Maxwell™ 1 TFLOPS GPU with 256 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores

    What does this all mean? With the Artec Leo, you can:

    • Build a full-color 3D model directly on the touchscreen panel in real-time as you are 3D scanning.
    • See the finished 3D model on an HD display and rotate the model with your hands directly on the touchscreen.
    • Check if you have captured all areas and fill in any parts you may have missed.
    • Change the settings or use simple tools directly on the 3D scanner’s touch screen. A computer is only required for post-processing.

    With 80 frames per second 3D reconstruction rate, Artec Leo is the fastest professional handheld 3D scanner on the market. You can capture large-volume areas in less time.

    A quick demo of the Artec Leo 3D scanning a mechanical part.

    The wireless Artec Leo 3D scanner automatically aligns separate scan files during the 3D capture phase. As a result, you don’t have to align these scans during the post-processing workflow which is a real time saver.

  2. Truly Mobile 3D Scanning


    Battery Powered + Wifi Connectivity + Built-In SSD Drive

    Artec Leo redefines what it means to provide a truly mobile 3D scanning experience. This is especially useful for 3D scanning in the field or in remote areas. This takes 3D scanning wherever you go to a whole new level.

    Artec scanning mummy

    There’s no need to connect to a computer or plug the device to the main power source. You can go completely wireless with the Artec Leo with its powerful embedded processor and a built-in battery capability. No more wires or heavy equipment to hull around. Simply hold the Artec Leo and walk around freely.

    Artec accessories
    You can purchase supplementary batteries for unlimited 3D scanning on expeditions or in remote areas with no power supply.

    You can stream video to a second device via Wi-Fi or Ethernet if an additional display is needed. You can upload your data at the touch of a button and download it on your computer for further post-processing if needed or for application use.

    The Artec Leo is capable of storing 256GB on the SSD drive. You can also extend the capacity by storing more data on micro SD cards. The cards can be taken out after 3D scanning to transfer the files onto the computer for use.

  3. Makes It Easy To Scan Challenging Parts

    dark and shiny

    Scans Dark and Shiny Parts Without Preparation

    Artec Leo’s 3D HDR helps capture black and shiny areas that are often difficult to scan. This means you don’t need to treat the part’s surface such as spraying or powdering the object with white powder before scanning or place tracking dots on the part itself. This saves valuable time and prevents damaging your scan target.

    3D scanning the truck’s tailgate which is both black and reflective with the Artec Leo.
    3D scanning a stainless steel sink. Scanning shiny parts is no challenge for the Artec Leo.
  4. 3D Scanning Outdoors

    scanning in daylight outdoor

    3D Scanning In Daylight

    Artec Leo is so powerful it can even capture 3D scans outdoors without any shade.

    3D scanning a kayak outdoors using the Artec Leo. What’s impressive is that the Artec Leo can scan and align a symmetrical object, which is difficult to do.
    Using the Artec Leo to scan a large object such as a tractor outside in direct sunlight.
  5. Powerful Tracking and Alignment for Easy to Use 3D Scanning

    powerful tracking

    Unparalleled texture to geometry mapping

    Artec Leo handheld 3D scanner provides a great 3D scanning experience because it does the hard work so it makes your job simple. The mobile 3D scanner uses powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking so all you have to do is just point at your object and shoot.

    Artec Leo 3D scanning the exterior walls.
    Leo handheld top view

    The Artec Leo features a unique optical system developed by Artec, with the 3D camera and color camera combined and directed through the same lens. The two-in-one optical system provides the most advanced texture to geometry mapping for the most exact texture to geometry mapping.

    A built-in 9 DoF inertial system–accelerometer, gyro, and compass–also enables the scanner to understand its position and environment.

    Tom uses the Artec Leo 3D scanner to scan a moving object to show how good it is at tracking.
  6. 3D Scanning In High-Resolution Color

    color camera

    Using 2.3-Megapixel Color Cameras

    Using disruptive VCSEL light technology, the wireless 3D scanner excels in its ability to digitize hard to scan textures, including skin, and can scan well even in bright conditions including outdoors as mentioned earlier. This technology also allows you to regulate the intensity of the flash to improve color capture even further.

    Demonstrating color texture capture of Artec Leo
  7. Practical Work Applications

    different industries

    Versatile Across Industries

    Cutting-edge technologies are only relevant if there are practical uses in the field. With Artec Leo’s large, professional-grade lens system, it has the ability to collect the maximum volume of data with pinpoint accuracy right across the field of view. The high-resolution, high-accuracy 3D models can be used across industries.

    Artec Leo medical scanning

    Artec Leo can be used for scanning a range of objects, from small mechanical parts to the human body, cars, boats or crime scenes for various industries including:

    • Manufacturing: reverse engineering (scan-based design), rapid prototyping, quality control
    • Healthcare: orthopedics, prosthetics, plastic surgery, custom products
    • Science: 3D measurement, scientific research, education, online museums
    • Art: preservation, architecture, CGI, fashion
    Car Body

    It only took under 2 hours from start to finish for the Artec Leo handheld 3D scanner to scan the and post-process the entire Mercedes E350 car.

    Scanning time: 20 minutes to scan the entire car
    Processing time: 90 minutes to process the captured 3D data on the computer

    Crocodile Statue

    Some places of the crocodile statue were hard to get to, but the Artec Leo still managed to capture the stone reptile from every angle.

    Scanning time: 15 minutes
    Processing time: 80 minutes

Artec Leo’s Tech Specs at a Glance

Working Distance 0.35 – 1.2 meters
3D Resolution Up to 0.5 mm
3D Point Accuracy Up to 0.1 mm
3D Reconstruction Rate Up to 80 FPS
Color Resolution 2.3 mp
Connectivity Wireless connectivity and data transfer
Structured-light Source VCSEL
Multi-core Processing NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1
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