Veesus Point Cloud Software

Easily view and work on point clouds of any size and density (even massive data) on standard PC hardware

Veesus Point Cloud software solutions work well with LIDAR / Long-range 3D scanners for fast displaying and editing of massive point cloud data sets. SOLIDWORKS and Rhino plugins are also available to allow you to work with point cloud data directly inside your favorite CAD software.

Best-in-Class Point Cloud Software

Anyone who has worked with massive point cloud data before can tell you that it’s really difficult to quickly edit, visualize, and use due to its enormous file size.

Veesus Point Cloud software solves all that and more.

Veesus point cloud software

Whether you are an engineer, surveyor, site manager or end user, Veesus has a solution to help you deal with the complexities of point cloud data. You can get precise measurements, recreate scenes, and even do reverse engineering with point cloud data natively inside your familiar CAD environment using Veesus for Rhino or SOLIDWORKS. Arena4D is a standalone point cloud editing software.

* NEW! A single Veesus software license now gives you access to Arena4D, Point Clouds for Rhino, Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS, and Point Clouds for Revit.

Your Point Cloud Specialist

Veesus specializes in unique and powerful solutions for the 3D laser scanning industry with the capability to visualize any point cloud data from any source and combine it with other data.

  • High-Speed
    High-Speed display and editing
  • Works With point cloud of any size
    Works With Any Sizeof point cloud data
  • Works Well With Any LIDAR
    Works Well With Any LIDAR and long-range 3D scanners
  • Use Your Standard PC
    Use Your Standard PC There’s no need for special hardware, high power graphics card, or CPU

Which Point Cloud Editing Software is Right for You?


Point Cloud Software

Veesus Arena4D
Software Application

Point cloud editing and a GIS platform. View, edit, and animate point cloud data. Combine with a range of other spatial data as part of a project.

Rhino software

Point Cloud Plugin

Veesus Point Clouds for Solidworks
Toolsets that work natively inside SOLIDWORKS

Visualize, edit, analyze, and reverse engineer massive point cloud data inside SOLIDWORKS CAD software.

Rhino software

Point Cloud Plugin

Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino
Toolsets that work natively inside Rhino

Visualize, edit, analyze, and reverse engineer massive point cloud data inside McNeel’s Rhino CAD software.

Powered by XStream Engine

Powered by XStream Engine

The reason why Veesus Point Cloud software is capable of displaying and editing enormous point cloud data sets on standard PC hardware is because it converts the point cloud file into Veesus’ proprietary VPC file format. This optimizes the way you work with point cloud data, making it much easier to manage and work with—even if you have a large file to start.

Work Inside Your Favorite CAD Program with Veesus Point Clouds Plugins

Unleash the power of point clouds without ever leaving your CAD environment. With Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS and Point Clouds for Rhino CAD plugins, you can work with point clouds directly in the native environment—no more time-consuming workarounds to use your scan data. Once the point cloud has been loaded, the plugin also offers powerful manipulation tools including clipping, copying, deleting, smoothing as well as lighting your point cloud data effortlessly. Do reverse engineering by slicing point cloud data. Also included is the powerful clash detection feature that tells you exactly where your drawings are clashing with your point cloud and be able to fix them.

Arena4D Standalone Point Cloud Software

Veesus Arena4D empowers you to visualize and render stunning visuals from scenes using point clouds. Powerful editing tools and point cloud engine empowers you to work in real-time without constraint or compromise. Create professional-quality animations, cinematic high-resolution videos, or stunning imagery of all your data, not just point clouds. Arena4D includes NCTech’s Measurement module and also supports the latest virtual reality (VR) developments with stunning immersive real-time 3D reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms.

Work With Point Clouds More Easily With Zappcha

The Zappcha app allows you to use LIDAR-enabled Apple devices (currently iPhone 12 pro and up, iPad Pro) to capture 3D scans directly on the device. The app is free to download from the Apple App Store. Zappcha Cloud is a place for you to store and share your point cloud data. Store point clouds from any device in the Zappcha Cloud, including scans taken using the Zappcha app. The Zappcha Cloud integrates with existing Veesus software, enabling users of Arena4D, Point Clouds for Rhino, and Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS to save and load point clouds from the Zappcha Cloud. It also has its own browser-based interface, where users can view and analyze their point clouds as well as take measurements including heights, lengths and volume.