TeZetCAD Software

3D Measurement Solution for Tube Bending Applications

TeZetCAD software is an innovative tube measurement technology for creating tube bending design and generating bend correction data for quality control.


TeZetCAD software is a 3D measurement system for tube bending applications. Manufacturers depend on TeZetCAD to measure cylinder length, bending angle, and rotation to deliver quality tubes that are bent according to design specifications in the shortest amount of time.

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improving quality
Improving quality
reduce setup time
Reduce setup time
eliminate material waste
Eliminate material waste

How It Works

TeZetCAD generates master tube data for input into tube bending machines by:


Measuring the physical master tube with a touch probe (ie. Microscribe and Kreon), laser fork probe, or line laser.


Tube manipulation to optimize a bend, straight, diameter or end position if required.


Print tube data to manually enter into bending machine or optional modules are available to export data recognizable by many bending machines.

Comparison and Correction

TeZetCAD confirms if tubes have been bent to the correct specification by measuring manufactured bent tube and comparing against the Master Tube (CAD file) during production. Once the bent tube has been measured, TeZetCAD automatically calculates bend correction data for tube benders to see if there are variances. You can quickly and easily resolve differences in angle, feed, and rotation to significantly improve quality control.

Intuitive User Interface

TeZetCAD’s easy to use software application allows tube-bender operators without any computer knowledge to learn to use the system in under two hours. The software allows users to easily display, rotate, zoom, and view tubes in 3D and generates highly accurate correction data in seconds. It measures difficult tubes with complex geometries including:

  • Tubes as small as 1.5 mm (0.059 in) in diameter
  • Undefined radius and multiradius tubes such as U-bends or spiral coils
  • Various flange types

Industry Applications

Automotive: Brake lines, Fuel lines, Hoses, Air conditioning, Oil lines, Stabilizers, Seats, Exhaust

Aerospace: Engines advance, oil lines, fuel lines

Furniture: Chairs, shelves

Mechanical Engineering: Hydraulic lines, Penstock, Water pipes, Cool lines, Pneumatics

Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Washing machines, Dryer: Cool lines, water pipes

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