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The Artec Ray II is Artec’s next generation of long-range 3D scanner. It captures large objects or scenes quickly and precisely from up to 130 m away. This LIDAR system delivers 3D point accuracy that meets high professional standards with best-in-angular-class accuracy.

Capture Large Objects in High Resolution and Metrology-Grade Precision

Artec Ray II in action

With an impressive ultra-fast scanning speed, the Artec Ray II has many features designed to enhance the scanning experience and the quality of scan data. The 3D laser scanner is equipped with automated targetless field registration, real-time scan alignment, and a double-scan feature for the automatic deletion of moving objects.

Artec Ray II is a robust, user-friendly solution, ready for 3D scanning large objects or environments indoor and outdoor. The Lidar system has a touchscreen and mobile device interface, as well as rain and dust protection (IP54).

  • Captures clean raw data with high accuracy, minimum noise
  • Best suited for construction, mining, reverse engineering, AR / VR / XR, and inspection applications

See the Artec Ray in Action

Artec Ray At A Glance

  • Scanning Range
    Scanning Range

    0.5 — 130 meters

  • High-Precision Results

    3D point accuracy of 1.9 mm from 10 meters

  • Speed

    Capture a full dome at highest resolution in 1.7 minutes

  • resolution

    No details missed at a resolution of 3 mm at 10 meters.

  • Color

    Scan in full color with 36 megapixel 3-camera system

Artec Ray II scanning boat

Artec Ray II precisely captures large objects, scenes, or areas

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Factories to retrofit conveyor line setup
  • Boats / Ship propellers
  • Large industrial equipment
  • Wind turbines
  • Airplanes
  • Forensic / Crime scenes
  • Archeology sites
  • Mining sites

3D Scanning Large Objects with Artec Ray II

  • Vehicle

    Capture Vehicles in Minutes

  • Building

    Capture Full-Sized Buildings and Aircraft in Just a Few Hours

Why Choose Artec Ray?

Scan 130m away Artec Ray II scanning long range

Long-Range 3D Scanning

With the Artec Ray II, the expansive 360° to 300° field of view gives you the flexibility to capture objects from 0.5 to 130 meters away, and with high accuracy and superior quality.

  • Battery Powered 3D Scanning
    Continuous Supply Battery System

    Powered by two hot-swappable batteries and another two on standby, the Artec Ray II comes ready to scan for a full 8 hours. Need more time? Charge while you scan, and swap without any downtime.

  • Control With Your Phone or Tablet
    Remote Scanning

    When you are 3D scanning large objects or environments in an inaccessible location or at a height you can’t safely be on, control your Artec Ray II easily and from a distance with the Artec Remote App.

  • IP54
    Water & Dust Protection IP54 (IEC 60529)

    The Artec Ray II is water and dust protection, designed to keep particles or humidity from getting into your device.

  • Automatic Removal of Moving Objects
    Automatic Removal of Moving Objects

    Artec Ray II’s smart auto-removal of moving objects that may enter or exit the scene keeps all captured data focused on exactly what you need.

  • Tracking
    Real-Time Registration on Board

    Track the scanner’s movement in real time with feature tracking and advanced algorithms for intuitive 3D-space navigation including Ray II’s Visual Inertial System (VIS), Altimeter, compass, and Global Navigation Satellite System.

  • Check and Adjust
    Check and Adjust

    If your device isn’t perfectly calibrated, your scanner will either automatically calibrate itself by scanning the surroundings, or let you know if further action is required.


  • reverse engineering
    Reverse Engineering
  • inspection
  • construction
    Construction (BIM)
  • AR / VR / XR
    AR / VR / XR
  • heritage preservation
    Heritage Preservation
  • forensics
  • Mining

Technical Specifications

Artec Ray II graphic
3D Point Accuracy
@10m 1.9mm
@20m 2.9mm
@40m 5.3mm
Angular Accuracy 0.87mm @10m (or 18″)
Range Accuracy 1.0mm + 10ppm
Range Noise 0.4mm @ 10m – 0.5mm @ 20m
Resolution (data capture) 2 million points/second
Artec Ray II touchscreen interface
Touchscreen, mobile + wireless

Artec Ray II Makes Long-Range 3D Scanning a Breeze

The wireless Artec Ray II ensures hassle-free 3D scanning with basic features accessible on the touch screen. It is as simple as pressing a button—no other computer or other device are needed during the 3D capturing process. At just 5 kg including the tripod, Ray II needs no targets and is ready for full setup in seconds.

Brilliant Color Texture

The Artec Ray II detects even the smallest surface irregularities with Ray II’s 36 megapixel 3-camera system, with exceptional HDR texture.

Captures accurate color in every detail Artec Ray II scan data
Artec Ray II

The Power Duo

Scanned With

Capture large areas with detail with Artec’s unbeatable duo of smart, wireless scanners: Artec Ray II’s range and speed for full scenes and large objects (white pipes), the handheld Artec Leo for specific areas and angles (orange pipes). The long-range Ray II also integrates well with all other Artec 3D scanners in seconds.

Artec Studio for Scan Data Processing

Artec Ray II powered by Artec Studio

Artec Ray II uses Artec Studio as the 3D scanning software for data processing. For Scan to CAD applications, upload to Artec Studio 3D scanning software to precisely position and fit your scans with CAD primitives, then export to SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software. For inspection applications, export the 3D scan data directly to Geomagic Control X for in-depth reporting and analysis.

Digital Preservation of the Groussgasmaschinn

Scanning gas engine with Artec Ray and Leo
Gas engine 3d render

Challenge: Scanning the world’s largest blast furnace gas engine

The team at the Luxembourg Science Center wanted to digitially preserve one of Luxembourg’s national monuments called “Groussgasmaschinn” (GGM11). Built in 1938, it’s the world’s largest blast furnace gas engine. The GGM11 is also a very large and complicated object to scan with many cavities and hard-to-reach places.

Solution: Combine the strengths of the Artec Ray and Leo

The size and the complexity of the gas engine was the perfect task for the Artec Ray and the Leo. The Artec Ray was selected as the main scanner for capturing the entire engine, due to its ability to scan large objects from a distance with submillimeter accuracy. The Artec Leo wireless, portable 3D scanner was chosen as a second device, specifically for capturing high levels of detail from the smaller parts and missing, smaller, hard-to-reach sections.

Scanning gas engine
The furnace gas engine measures 26 m (long) x 10.5 m (wide) x 6.5 m (high).
Scanning in detail
While entire scenes were captured with the Artec Ray, details were scanned using the Artec Leo handheld 3D scanner.
Artec Studio
The engine was scanned from 18 different angles with Artec Ray, and these were later combined in Artec Studio with 67 additional detail Leo scans.

Result: Digitally Preserving The Past and Parts Restoration

A full-size, 300-million-polygon 3D model of a national monument is now preserved digitally for future generations to come. Now that a full 3D model of the GGM111 is scanned in detail, it can be used for restoration efforts. The plan is to finish the renovation of the engine by 2027-28. It will become an integral part of the Science Center with interactive stations that visitors can not only see, but interact with as well.

Sample Scans

  • Smart Car
  • Klemm L25d VIIR LX-MA Airplane With Color Texture
  • World’s Largest Blast Furnace Gas Engine
  • Church Façade

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