Aesub 3D Scanning Spray

State-of-the-Art coating developed and approved by 3D scanning experts

The AESUB brand of 3D scanning spray provides an optimal coating for challenging surfaces including dark, transparent, and shiny objects as well as objects with deep pockets.

AESUB blue

Vanishing 3D scanning spray
(No cleaning required)

AESUB white

Permanent 3D scanning spray
(Requires cleaning)

Why Choose AESUB 3D Scanning Spray?

AESUB white spray

AESUB 3D scanning spray is developed and approved by 3D scanning experts for scanning challenging surfaces (reflective, clear, dark, and difficult to reach pitted areas). The sprays provide a thin and homogenous coating—leaving a clean, smooth, and even application with no clumps left behind.

Your health is very important. That’s why AESUB products are less toxic compared to similar sprays in the market. All our AESUB products are free of harmful titanium dioxide. AESUB Blue is free of pigments while AESUB White is pigment-based but is FREE of titanium dioxide nano particles (TiO2). Titanium dioxide has received its carcinogenicity classification from the EU CLP.

AESUB Blue Vanishing Spray
Video Demo and Analysis

The AESUB’s response is a spray that gives your target a consistent, non-reflective white coating, enabling the scanner to grab all the details you need. Coating disappears overnight, leaving no sticky mess to clean up – it’s like magic in a can.

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– Excerpt from

How it Works: 3D Scanning a Reflective Part

Which 3D Scanning Spray is Right for Me?

Ideal for:
  • Delicate Parts: Working with scan parts that cannot be sprayed or cleaned of white coating. AESUB Blue uses a special, evaporating formula that requires no cleaning, won’t stain your surfaces, or affect your product.
  • Efficiency: Great for doing quick jobs where you only need to scan the part for a short period of time as the spray will vanish with time (within a few hours). No need for cleanup!

* Currently available for shipping to the US only

Ideal for:
  • Long Projects: Scanning projects that take more than a few hours to days.
  • The Budget Conscious: If budget is important, the white permanent spray is more economical compared to the blue vanishing spray.

* Currently available for shipping to the US only