Versatile Point Cloud Processing Software

Arena4D is fast at displaying and editing massive point cloud data sets on standard PC hardware. As a result, it makes it much easier and affordable to work with point cloud data. With a touch of a button, generate ultra-HD-quality movies of your point clouds, including 360 panoramic videos.

This point cloud software also features a unique GIS platform for combining multiple different datasets alongside point clouds, including imagery, panoramas, shape files, GPS tracks, and much more! It gives you a complete 3D document showing you all your data in a single contextual view without leaving any details behind.

* NEW! A single Veesus software license now gives you access to Arena4D, Point Clouds for Rhino, Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS, and Point Clouds for Revit.

Best-In-Class Point Cloud Viewing and Editing Software

Developed by Veesus, the point cloud visualization experts, Arena4D has intuitive controls and a rich user interface for rendering billions of points. It gives you the power to markup, annotate, measure, and edit your point clouds with low hardware computer requirements. Animate point cloud data to produce stunning cinematic high resolution videos and panoramic videos/images.

GIS Capabilities at its Core


Arena4D first started as a true 3D GIS visualization software that have since expanded to a versatile point cloud software solution. Add context to the 3D LIDAR data by loading many other data types to the same 3D view (for example: panoramic images, documents, photos, audio, etc.). By adding the fourth dimension of time, it allows all of this combined data to be presented in a manner that can be purely analytical. The software can export all visualization data into other formats, such as PowerPoint, PDF, Image Files and 4K video—including 360 panoramas—perfect for presentation and reports. Arena4D is also ideal for forensics applications. It’s powerful for experts and simple for novices.

Key Features

Work effortlessly with point cloud of any size using Arena4D point cloud software.

Point cloud editing

Point Cloud Editing

You can do all in Arena4D: real-time editing, cleaning, and refining massive point clouds as well as creating 250 LAS layers.

Veesus point cloud editing
Clash Detection

Clash Detection

Perform clash detection with point clouds and 3D models. Overlapping will indicate the impacted points. These objects can also be placed in an animation and with clash detection enabled. The impact points will show up as the animation progresses.

Arena4D clash detection


With Arena4D, you can produce Ultra High Definition (4K) videos, movies, or animations using your point cloud data—from basic fly throughs to complex animations. This is point cloud data taken from a church in Oostelbeers, The Netherlands, as part of a project to repurpose the building. You can see incredible detail generated by Veesus Arena4D animations.


Virtual Reality

You can visualize point cloud and BIM data in real-time virtual reality.

VR Development

Arena4D includes NCTech’s Measurement module and also supports the latest VR developments with stunning immersive 3D reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms.

  • Ntech
  • Oculus
  • Vive


Lighting unveil hidden surface details.

Veesus Arena4D lighting

Arena4D Case Studies


Get access to all these features with Veesus Arena4D.

Features Professional
Point Cloud Visualization: No limit in viewing point cloud of any size or measurement
Point Cloud Editing: Edit, clean, and refine point clouds of massive size and create 250 LAS layers.
Panoramas: Powerful solution for enabling panoramic imagery to be viewed in isolation or added to your project containing other data. Includes the ability to create 360 panoramic videos.
Virtual Reality: Takes the visualization experience of point cloud data and any other data in your scene to the next level.
Animation: You can produce Ultra High Definition (4K) videos, movies, or animations using your point cloud data. From basic fly through up to complex animations.
Forensics: Provides a functionality rich software tool that has been specifically designed in collaboration with Forensic Police teams across the world. Build, present, and deliver an entire forensic scene (bullet trajectory).
Geospatial: Combine point cloud and other GIS data in a single view. Enables a Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface that can be used to give complete contextual location understanding, by providing mapping, terrain information, sun position, and satellite imagery. Includes the ability to have Globe and open street map visible.
Security: Protecting shared point cloud data is important or securing ownership of your data. The Security function for Arena4D provides this protection.
Tracking: Provides the ability to receive and display live feed from remote devices. For example, the functionality requires the clients to be logged into the system via a web-browser and their position can be displayed in the GIS Module for Arena4D, with map overlays.

Technical Specifications

  • Software Type

    Standalone point cloud editing software

  • Software Delivery

    Software is shipped electronically. Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be processed.

  • Computer Requirements
    • OS: Microsoft Windows (64-bit)
    • CPU: 2.0GHZ Dual Core
    • GPU: 1GB, OpenGL 2.0 Compliant
    • RAM: 2GB HDD – 100MB (for installation)
    • For best performance we recommend a quad core processor, 8GB RAM an nVidia/AMD GPU and an SSD disk drive.

    Note: It is important to ensure you have the latest up to date graphics card drivers installed, and that in a dual GPU configuration (typically laptops) that the more powerful, non-integrated, GPU is used.

  • Educational License Requirements

    Evidence of academic affiliation, Student Card, Employment certificate, or similar is required. Educational license is not for commercial use. Please contact us for educational pricing.

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