Geomagic Wrap Software

Scan, Mesh and Surface in Minutes

Geomagic Wrap is a post-processing software for converting point cloud data into 3D polygonal models and exact surfaces.

Post-Processing 3D Scan Data

Geomagic Wrap delivers the industry’s most powerful toolbox to transform 3D scan data and imported files into 3D models for immediate use for downstream applications. From engineering to entertainment, art to archaeology, and manufacturing to museums, you can effortlessly reverse engineer perfect 3D models from scan data and 3D files using Geomagic Wrap.


Quickly convert physical objects into accurate 3D models for industrial design, fine art, archaeology, entertainment and more.

Includes exact surfacing with AutoSurface function to convert meshes to surface models that are exportable as IGES or STEP.

Utilize intelligent, accessible tools to easily perform comprehensive polygon editing and transform point cloud data into usable 3D models.

Enhanced scripting functions allow you to speed up your workflow with customized automation for repetitive tasks and functions.

An easy-to-learn user interface with automated workflows streamlines functionality and allows you to perform operations faster.

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3D Scanner and Software Package

If you are looking for a 3D scanner to go with your Geomagic Wrap software, look no further than the Geomagic Capture and Geomagic Capture Mini blue light scanners.

These accurate and portable scanners make scanning of small and medium-sized parts and objects easy and fast, and are tightly integrated with Geomagic Wrap and other Geomagic software products.

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