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Modeling tools for transforming 3D design into reality

Rhino is a trusted industry solution for designers for modeling organic forms into CAD models. It’s the most versatile 3D modeler you will ever use.


Rhinoceros, also known as Rhino or Rhino3D, is a 3D CAD modeling software package that enables you to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids, subdivision geometry (SubD), point clouds, and polygon meshes. Available for both Windows or macOS, there are no limitations on complexity, degree, or size of the model you design.

  • Works Fast
    Works Fast

    Even on an ordinary laptop computer. No special hardware is needed.

  • Get the Accuracy
    Get the Accuracy

    Needed to design, prototype, engineer, analyze, and manufacture anything form an airplane to jewelry.

  • No Limits
    No Limits

    Model any shape you can imagine. Includes free-form 3D modeling tools.

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What is Nurbs?

Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline are mathematical representations of 3D geometry used for accurately describing simple to complex curves and surfaces with precision.

What’s New in Rhino 7?


  • save money

    Uninhibited free-form 3D modeling tools like those found only in products costing 20-50 times more. More designers have access to Rhino because of its affordable price.

  • design to reality
    From Design to Reality

    Delivers the accuracy to design, prototype, engineer, analyze, & manufacture objects from airplane to jewelry. Model any shape you can imagine.

  • accessible

    Removes all complexities associated with CAD modeling software with its simple to use software interface. Focus on your design being distracted by the software.

  • compatiblity

    Compatible with other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software.

  • versatile across industries
    Versatile Across Industries

    Used in industrial design, architecture, film & set design, vehicle styling, just to name a few. There’s no limit to your imagination!

  • handle complexities
    Handle Complexities

    Ability to read and repair meshes and extremely challenging IGES files. Let Rhino do the hard work for you.

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Rhino 7 for Windows and Mac Now Available!

Rhino software

Rhino 7 Windows and Mac

Rhino 7 is available for both Windows and Mac. The latest version is packed with new features and improvements.

With Rhino 7, Mac users can use the latest version of Rhino without the need to run the software in a Windows environment through Bootcamp. Rhino 7 for Mac opens the CAD world for macOS community. The native application brings familiarity to both Apple users and experienced modelers alike.

* Please purchase this product if you reside in USA and Canada only. Software is shipped electronically. Please allow up to 1 business day for your order to be processed.

rhino 6 mac versus windows

What is the Difference between Rhino for Mac versus Rhino for Windows?

Commercial Software for Education

Rhino software is provided to students, faculty, and schools at academic pricing to promote the use of 3D technology in education.

Picture of students using Rhino Software

The NURBS modeling software helps students explore, develop, and communicate ideas through creativity and design.

  • Substantial discount for education
  • Same features as the commercial version
  • No watermark or other limitations
  • Does not expire
  • No additional maintenance or support fees

If you require assistance for individual or classroom purchases, please contact us.

* Educational purchasers must provide proof of current school affiliation such as student ID, current class schedule, school email address, etc.


rhino 3d rendering

3D Rendering

High-quality presentation is critical to most design projects. Rhino presents your designs in the best light. Rhino 7 contains features for Rhino Renderer, materials, textures, and environments, texture mapping, camera views, lighting, mesh modifiers, and post-rendering effects.

rhino modeling

3D Modeling to 3D Printing

With the cost of digital fabrication and 3D printing technology dropping quickly, more and more designers now have direct access to 3D digital fabrication equipment such as a 3D printer. Design and create watertight models in Rhino for printing applications.

rhino fabrication

Rapid Prototyping

Twenty years ago Rhino provided marine designers with tools for building computer models that could be used to drive the digitally controlled fabrication equipment in shipyards. Since then, Rhino models are accurate for use in many fabrication, manufacturing, or construction processes.

Featured Plug-ins

Mesh2Surface logo


Mesh2Surface is a practical reverse engineering (Scan to CAD) solution that’s affordable to get you the results you need, faster and easier. The plugin contains simple but efficient tools to optimize the process of converting digitized objects from non-contact 3D scanners to perfect CAD models.

  • Align object to world coordinate system.
  • Extract shapes (i.e. planes, spheres, cones, torus, and freeform surfaces).
  • Fit constraint primitives.
  • Find symmetry of an object.

Bongo logo


Brings professional animation into Rhino, using familiar keyframe tools found in most high-end animation packages.

  • Move, scale, and rotate directly in Rhino.
  • Objects and viewport animations are editable in the Rhino window using simple drag and drop.
  • Modify your objects and motion data without losing valuable time changing between programs.
  • Easily preview your animations inside Rhino, in real time, in any shading mode. Then render straight to an animation file using any Rhino renderer.

Simlab composer 8

Simlab Composer

Create top quality rendered images and animations to produce rendered movies, VR scenes, and animated 3D PDF files.

  • Import a model, perform texture baking, and export model as 3D PDF file to get impressive visualization.
  • Import your architectural model, use scene building capabilities to complete the scene, add IES lights, and use the interior render to get an amazing rendered image.
  • Use the Simulation feature to convert simulation results to animations, and render the output to get an impressive robotic animation.

Rhino Developer Tools

developer tools

Rhino pushes the boundaries of 3D modeling with developer tools that are free, royalty free, and include free support.

The tools for customizing Rhino include:

  • RhinoCommon SDK (.NET)
  • C++ Plug-ins (Windows only)
  • Food4Rhino
Rhino Developer Documentation

Supported File Formats

supported file formats

While other platforms lock you into one or two proprietary formats, Rhino makes sure it’s simple to open/import and save/export your files between your favorite programs so you can work efficiently.

Rhino 7 is compatible with most other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software. Rhino supports an array of file formats which makes it the 3D interoperability tool-of-choice. In this latest version, the fidelity for existing formats and support for SubD is improved where possible. In addition, you can now copy/paste between Rhino and Illustrator®, Inkscape™, and Affinity Designer® (Windows only).

View Supported Files Formats for Rhino 7