Veesus Point Clouds For SOLIDWORKS


* Specifically designed to work with SOLIDWORKS 2020, SOLIDWORKS 2021, and SOLIDWORKS 2022.

Visualize and edit point clouds of any size with ease. This plugin uses a unique point cloud rendering engine that empowers you to view, manipulate, and edit point clouds natively inside SOLIDWORKS.

Once the point cloud has been loaded into the SOLIDWORKS environment, the plugin offers powerful point cloud manipulation tools including slicing, clipping, smoothing, lighting, magnification, color ramp, and export.

* NEW! A single Veesus software license now gives you access to Arena4D, Point Clouds for Rhino, Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS, and Point Clouds for Revit.

Edit Massive Point Clouds Data Sets Right Inside Solidworks

If you are already using SOLIDWORKS, Veesus Point Cloud for SOLIDWORKS is a perfect solution for you! Import and work with point clouds of massive size without any issues or needing to invest in specialist equipment. Save time by working with point clouds directly in the SOLIDWORKS environment–no more headaches or time-consuming workarounds to use your scan data.

Reverse Engineering with Massive Point Cloud Data

Reverse engineering with enormous point cloud data can be tricky. However, with Veesus Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS, it has specific tools like Clash Detection and Slicing that make this process much easier.

Clash Detection

Clash Detection

Take a native SOLIDWORKS entity and see exactly where they are clashing with point cloud data. With this SOLIDWORKS plugin, you will be able to fix it on the spot. This is especially useful for designs that complement with point cloud data to ensure a good fit. The clash detection function can quickly determine whether designs will fit in buildings and you can make appropriate adjustments as needed.

Key Features

Work effortlessly with point cloud of any size inside SOLIDWORKS.

Set Origin

Set Origin

When you import point clouds into SOLIDWORKS, it is usually loaded arbitrary in space. You can align, rotate, and set the origin of point cloud data so it’s easier to work with.



Clipping allows you to select parts of the point cloud to duplicate, hide, invert selection, or perform other functions with the selection.

Copy and Delete

Copy and Delete

Easily copy and delete parts of point cloud. You can also restore data points you delete.



Highlight subtle features with a programmable shader. The planar shader colors data along a plane or vector from a given position or offset. It is a great way to see the differences in height on surfaces that might otherwise look flat.

Veesus point cloud for solidworks shader


Lighting reveals hidden surface details.

Veesus point cloud for solidworks lighting

Case Study: Overcoming the Disconnect Between 3D Scanning and CAD

Veesus point cloud software

A close up of EAPL’s proposed buildings in situ alongside as-built data from the point cloud.

“We’d looked at one or two other solutions, but none of them enabled us to work with point cloud data natively in SOLIDWORKS–they all needed to convert point clouds into meshes first, so what Veesus was offering was really exciting.”

Bio Picture Ben Ayling CAD Designer, EAPL
  • Challenge
    • Accurately measure large sites quickly which was previously done by hand.
    • Unable to work with point cloud data natively in SOLIDWORKS with the current setup.
  • Solution

    Using Veesus Point Cloud for SOLIDWORKS allows the team to work with point cloud data directly. There’s no need for meshing or other workarounds.

  • Result
    • Easily able to work with a 2-mile scan of a harbour to plan new building work.
    • Combining as-built data with designs enabled team to gain planning permission faster.


Get access to all these features with Veesus Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS.

Features Professional
Work with massive point clouds
Stream points clouds from remote Veesus Point Server
Slice through point clouds
Generate slices from SOLIDWORKS plane
Generate SOLIDWORKS plane from slice
Draw points, lines, and polylines straight on to the point cloud data
Align, move, and rotate point clouds
Adjust point cloud brightness and contrast
Apply dynamic lighting to point clouds
Apply transparency to point clouds
Apply programmable “relief” shader to point clouds
Clip and hide selections of point clouds
Copy selections
Delete selections
Create plane through selections
Create CSV report of point distances from a plane
Clash Detection

Technical Specifications

  • Solidworks Compatibility
    • SOLIDWORKS 2020
    • SOLIDWORKS 2021
    • SOLIDWORKS 2022
  • Software Delivery

    Software is shipped electronically. Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be processed.

  • Computer Requirements
    • OS: Microsoft Windows (64-bit)
    • CPU: 2.0GHZ Dual Core
    • GPU: 1GB, OpenGL 2.0 Compliant
    • RAM: 2GB HDD – 100MB (for installation)
    • For best performance we recommend a quad core processor, 8GB RAM an nVidia/AMD GPU and an SSD disk drive.

    Note: It is important to ensure you have the latest up to date graphics card drivers installed, and that in a dual GPU configuration (typically laptops) that the more powerful, non-integrated, GPU is used.

  • Educational License Requirements

    Evidence of academic affiliation, Student Card, Employment certificate, or similar is required. Educational license is not for commercial use. Please contact us for educational pricing.

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