Geomagic For SOLIDWORKS Software

Seamless SCAN-to-CAD Workflow in SOLIDWORKS Environment

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS provides a seamless workflow from scan data to solid CAD modeling all in the SOLIDWORKS environment.


Creating accurate solid CAD models from scan data can be a challenge, especially for parts with complex organic shapes. Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS is an add-in that plugs directly into your SOLIDWORKS environment. It provides you with the industry-leading toolsets to convert point clouds and polygons into more usable form in your design process. The software extracts sketches and features from scans, and creates CAD models with editable features within SOLIDWORKS. It makes history-based modeling from scan-to-CAD much easier so you get your products faster to market.

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Why Reverse Engineering?

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS is a bridge between physical parts and your CAD environment, enabling rapid design, engineering, and production. Instead of designing from a blank slate, 3D scanning captures the design intent of complex geometry that cannot be measured any other way.

Reverse engineering is great for:

  • Building components that integrate perfectly with existing products
  • Repairing worn or broken parts
  • Creating models from parts with non-existing CAD
  • Using existing scan data to create organic-shaped parts
Physical object
Physical Object
Scan data
Scan Data
Solid CAD model
Solid CAD Model with Modifications

Scan, Probe, or Import directly into CAD environment

Reduce the time required to build complex 3D models of real world objects. You can now scan directly into SOLIDWORKS using popular industrial 3D scanners from Artec, Creaform, FARO, Hexagon, Nikon, Vialux, and Geomagic. You can also import scan files into SOLIDWORKS from popular file formats exported from all 3D scanners.

Import scan data from file formats:


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Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS include easy to use tools to edit scans and align to the coordinate system. Add complex design elements and build creative models around scanned components. Now, you can scan any part and create manufacturing-ready designs.

  • Mesh construction from point cloud or merging of multiple meshes.
  • Polygon processing tools including decimation, smoothing, noise reduction, and hole filling.
  • Use the familiar SOLIDWORKS tools and workflow to quickly extract geometry, create sketches, and model solid, featured-based parts.
  • Exact-surfacing tool creates incredibly accurate surfaces from scan data with one-button ease.
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3D Comparison with Deviation Analysis

Quickly and easily compare a CAD object and a mesh object. Every wizard in Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS has a deviation analysis tool to check feature accuracy as you model. Get real-time information on your features to help make design decisions and maintain design intent.

Scan Data

Post-processing of point cloud or mesh

CAD Model

Created accurate solid CAD model. This model was created from import to model in 45 minutes.

Deviation Analysis

Compare any time between mesh object and CAD object

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