MicroScribe Portable CMMs

Combining functionality with affordability

I’ve been using a MicroScribe to collect 3D data on fossil human bones for over 15 years. I’ve used it in collections all over the world, and it has become an indispensable tool for analyzing the anatomy of our ancestors.

Will Harcourt-Smith Paleoanthropologist Lehman College, City University of New York and American Museum of Natural History

Functionality and Affordability

MicroScribe in action

CMMs were developed to capture geometric characteristics of objects as early as the 1950’s and has since become an industry standard for 3D measurement technology. MicroScribe is a portable CMM that combines the functionality of high-end CMMs with affordability in mind. While traditional CMMs can be big and expensive, MicroScribe is an cost-effective measurement tool used for reverse engineering projects, inspection of manufactured parts, and scientific measurements worldwide.

Introducing the new MicroScribe i

MicroScribe i portable cmm

The MicroScribe i is an all purpose 3D digitizer used for a wide range of modeling and data capturing applications. It comes in two models: 1) i has a reach of 25 inches 2) iL has a reach of 33 inches.

This portable CMM replaces the previous MicroScribe G with better accuracy and includes several new enhancements.

  • Infinite Wrist Rotation: Enhanced maneuverability of the stylus for easy one-hand use
  • Magnetic Base: Stability for precision homing
  • Fast Operation and Ease of Use: Set up takes as little as five minutes
  • Lightweight: Portable so you can take it anywhere
  • M-4 Threaded Stylus: Comes with two 3mm ruby ball probe tips and one point probe tip
  • Value: The right accuracy at the right price

Available Models

NewMicroScribe i

All Purpose Portable CMM

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MicroScribe M

High Accuracy Portable CMM

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  i iL MX MLX
Reach 25 in (.63m) 33 in (.84m) 25 in (.63m) 33 in (.84m)
Work sphere diameter 50 in (1.27m) 66 in (1.67m) 50 in (1.27m) 66 in (1.67m)
Degrees of freedom 5 5 5, 6 5, 6
Accuracy +/-0.005 in*
(0.127 mm) Better accuracy than previous G2X model of +/- .009 in
+/-0.006 in*
(0.152 mm)
+/-0.002 in*
(0.0508 mm)
+/-0.003 in*
(0.0762 mm)
Weight 8.3 lb (3.8 kg) Most lightweight model 9.1 lb (4.1 kg) 12.0 lb (5.4 kg) 13.3 lb (6.0kg)
* Spherical diameter test (As specified in the ASME B89.4.22 draft specifications for Effective Diameter)


solid construction
Solid Construction

Constructed with aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, MicroScribe offers the convenience of a desktop solution while providing precison of an industrial instrument.

save money
Save Money

An affordable portable CMM that increases your in-house productivity by avoiding the costly expense and long turnaround times associated with outsourcing.

easy button
Easy to Use

Smooth action of the stylus allows you to quickly trace over the contours of a physical object with ease to obtain quick 3D measurments.


Works with physical objects of any shape, size, and material, even reflective and transparent surfaces.

one hand operation
One Hand Operation

Click-and-go operation makes it simple to complete measurement jobs faster.

lightweight and portable
Lightweight and Portable

Moves easily from one project to the next with the digitizer weighing as little as 8.3 lbs (3.8 kg).

Industry Application

MicroScribe integrates seamlessly with many graphics, industrial design, modeling, measurement and inspection software packages. More software applications are interfaced to MicroScribe than any other digitizer in the industry.

Works with:

  • Reverse Engineering

    Point2CAD logo

    Create parametric solid models from physical parts

  • Inspection

    Mobigage logo

    Step-by-step guide for routine inspections

  • Tube Bending

    TeZetCAD logo

    3D pipe measurement for bend correction

Anthropologist Embraces
The Use of 3D Technologies

Learn how Claire Terhune uses the MicroScribe in her research studies to better understanding how modern humans evolved from other primates.

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CMM x laser scanner package


MicroScribe portable CMM interfaces with Kreon Skiron laser scanner, combining the power of non-contact 3D scanning with physical probing. For demanding applications, using two tools is especially valuable when taking 3D measurements of complicated surfaces.

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