Why GoMeasure3D?

You might be thinking, when there are other companies to choose from for purchasing 3D scanning and measurement equipment.

Our Mission

We believe advanced 3D scanning and measurement technologies can truly make a difference in transforming the way you work.

Let’s face it. There are only so many hours in a day and there’s a lot of work to do.

When you select us as your technology partner, our goal is to get you 3D solutions that enhance your work while making you more productive. We’re here to listen to your challenges or a new undertaking. We will work with you to implement 3D scanning and related technologies to make work easier. We’re here to help you get the right equipment for the job. You can count on us!

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We’ve got a lot to celebrate as we embark on our 20th year in business.

We have CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, and inspection experience that can help you solve even the most difficult challenges. Whether your needs are in manufacturing or racing development, anthropology or bio-medical engineering, we have the knowledge and industry experience to get you where you want to be.

What if your requirements are specialized or obscure? We have the drive and ingenuity to understand your needs and come up with the best solution for your application to improve your process and save you money.

We Help Customers

  • Measure With Confidence

    The 3D scanners and portable CMMs we carry provide repeatable measurement results you can trust to make decisions. This is important especially for quality control applications.

  • Streamline Processes and Workflows

    Do it better and faster! Relieve inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your operations with advanced 3D measurement technologies.

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  • Bring 3D Capabilities In-House

    Outsourcing long-term can cause a strain on your organization’s finances. By having services such as 3D scanning, 3D modeling, or scan-to-cad capabilities internally, you empower your staff, reduce expensive service work, save money, and have more control.

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  • Design Better Products

    When you don’t have the original CAD files for an existing product, reverse engineering using a 3D scanner (Scan to CAD) makes it much easier than doing it traditionally by hand. 3D scanners paired with the right CAD modeling software can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the design of the product in order to create a new CAD model for manufacturing.

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  • Visualize in 3D

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What happens when what we’re looking at is in 3D? Our 3D scanners have been used by museums and academic institutions for digital archiving. Consumer products can also be digitized into 3D for a better online shopping experience.

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  • Save Time and Money on Prototyping

    Conventional way of prototyping can take days if not weeks to get it back from outsourcing. With a 3D printer, take back control by printing prototypes in-house with faster turnaround times. You can get products faster to market and refine designs a lot quicker from concept to reality.

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Powerful tools at an affordable price

Expensive technology doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best solution.

Technology shouldn’t prevent people from using them because they’re expensive. It’s the reason why we want to make professional 3D scanning and measurement technologies more accessible. We’re passionate about finding professional 3D scanning and measurement solutions that are both powerful and yet affordable to even start-ups and small machine shops. We research, test, and only recommend hardware and software that are the best value we can find in the market. Our customers can then reap the benefits at the start and quickly turn that investment into a profit generation solution.

Doing It Right The First Time

We’re not happy until our customers are happy.

We work countless hours with training, supporting, and implementing our systems into your operations to provide you with the best customer experience. Whether your purchase is small or large, we will be by your side throughout the entire process. We will make sure you are up on your feet as quickly as possible with the correct solution the first go around.

Reasons why our customers trust us

  • Bio Picture Jamie Lester Bronze Sculptor Vandalia Bronze

    “I would definitely recommend others to GoMeasure3D if they need to purchase 3D scanning equipment. Their staff really impressed me.

    They are passionate in what they do and were resourceful and responsive throughout the buying process. They gave us their 3D scanning expertise and provided us with their honest opinion. At the end, we’re very happy with our purchase.”

  • Bio Picture Fabien Lefevre Canoe Kayak Olympic & World Champion Team USA

    “I want to thank GoMeasure3D for the amazing job they did—their professionalism, their understanding of the project, and their service.

    Doing business in America is truly inspiring!”

  • Bio Picture Jeff Bell ITSS LLC

    “Their 3D scanning solution offers an open flexibility for changing the system within its limits to accomplish different scanning tasks. We had been in communication with GoMeasure3D for some time, maybe over a year, they have always been helpful with support providing ideas and information about things to try before there ever was a purchase. We finally got to a point that we did make a purchase and have found the same experience still holds true.”

  • Bio Picture Patrick Carter Founder NFlightMic

    “GoMeasure3D has been a fantastic partner. We are a small design company that cannot justify purchasing a high-end 3D scanning equipment yet, but we do have a need for these services occasionally. GoMeasure3D provides fast, accurate, scans, in a quick and timely fashion. I cannot say enough about their attention to detail and customer service. Thank you!”

As we hit our 20th-anniversary milestone, we want more people to realize what 3D scanning and measurement technologies have to offer.

We want them to embrace and adopt their use to further advance their industries. Afterall, technology is supposed to change our lives for the better.

Bio Picture Darryl Motley CEO GoMeasure3D

Demystifying 3D Scanning and Related Technologies

  • Digitize

    graphic handheld 3d scanner
    3D Scanner
  • Design

    graphic of reverse engineering software
    Reverse Engineering Software
  • Prototype

    graphic of 3d printer
    3D Printer
  • Inspect

    graphic of Computer-aided inspection
    Computer-Aided Inspection Software

There’s a common misconception that professional 3D scanning and related technologies can be complicated and difficult to use. Our intention is to make them more approachable by offering resources to explain concepts and terminologies in a simple way.

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