What It Takes to Be a Gold-Certified Ambassador for Artec Professional 3D Scanners

Published on July 27, 2023. Written by: Paul Motley

As the COO of GoMeasure3D, I am proud to announce that we have once again achieved the status of being Artec’s Gold-Certified Ambassador this year. Only 12 out of 131 companies from around the world have been awarded with this title. It is truly an honor to be one of them.

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“The title of Artec Ambassador is awarded to partners who possess Gold-level accreditation, offer Artec 3D’s full range of professional 3D scanning technology, and have taken the promotion of this technology to an exceptional level.”


GoMeasure3D proudly represents Artec’s professional 3D scanners throughout the United States. In order to attain this achievement as an Artec Gold-Certified Ambassador, we have to surpass the responsibilities of a reseller. It is a testament to our unwavering dedication and hard work.

3D Scanning technology provider in the southwest USA

GoMeasure3D has been an Artec reseller for more than seven years. We have achieved the Ambassador status since the very beginning when the program was first introduced back in 2020.

gold ambassador
GoMeasure3D became Artec’s first Gold Certified Partner Ambassador in the United States in 2020.

Earning the Gold-Certified Partner Ambassador status is not guaranteed each year. We have to undergo a rigorous recertification process every year and have to demonstrate our profound comprehension of Artec’s ecosystem and mastery of all their products. Here is what it takes to get this recognition.

Rigorous Assessment Test

Artec Golden partner

A requirement for obtaining certification as an Artec Gold-Certified Ambassador is that our staff has to take an assessment test to show a deep level of understanding of Artec 3D’s professional 3D scanners, as well as Artec Studio 3D scanning software. We are grateful to the Artec team for their support and commitment to continuous and thorough training for resellers.

The questions evaluate a reseller’s knowledge in scanning, processing, and customer support. We value the importance of this certification process. It not only validates our expertise but also empowers us to serve our customers with the highest level of proficiency and support.

Artec as a 3D scanner manufacturer has always been a leader in bringing innovation within the 3D scanning market. Consequently, we have to be proactive in keeping up-to-date with the company’s new developments. We were blown away when Artec Leo, the world’s first handheld 3D scanner with onboard processing, first came out. And we couldn’t believe Artec’s Studio HD Mode can take an existing Artec 3D scanner and make it perform like a brand new system! Updating our 6 years old Artec Eva software to the latest version made all the difference. It takes our team a lot of commitment (countless hours) to learn and become Artec technology experts.

Work Closely with Artec’s Development Team in Product Testing and Development

As a Gold-Certified Ambassador, we are privileged to enjoy exclusive access to new 3D scanning products. Additionally, we are among the select few entrusted to test beta versions of Artec’s latest software developments prior to the official launch, ensuring the development of exceptional 3D scanning products. The engineers at Artec hold our opinions in high regard, valuing our valuable feedback and expertise.

The Artec team puts their trust in us to be the voice of our customers. Our team meticulously tests features and functionalities from a user’s perspective and provides constructive feedback to improve their 3D scanning products. We have a great partnership with Artec’s development team. Our team is constantly in conversation with Artec’s engineers to continuously improve and refine their products in bringing the best 3D scanning experiences to their customers. This is the reason why every year Artec puts out a major software release of Artec Studio 3D scanning software, the engine that powers all of their 3D scanners from handheld to metrology-grade 3D scanners.

Artec Cloud first impression video
We were given exclusive access to using Artec Cloud before the launch. Here’s our first impression video.

Providing Exceptional Levels of Customer Service

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“By purchasing from a Gold Certified Reseller or Ambassador, end users have access to verified products and professional training of the highest level in their local language.”


To be an Artec Gold-Certified Ambassador, we have to show that we provide exceptional customer care and an all-round excellent experience for our customers. All of the members of our technical team are power users of Artec’s 3D scanners and software. We know how to use each system inside and out to provide anyone looking to buy a 3D scanner the best and most honest advice.

If you have any questions on which 3D scanner is right for you, please feel free to contact us.

Currently, we have all of Artec’s handheld 3D scanners and metrology-grade 3D scanners for an online demonstration at your convenience.

Let us show you how 3D scanning can transform the way you work.

We can answer any questions you have on the technology right on the spot.

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At GoMeasure3D, we embody a spirit of experimentation, constantly seeking ways to achieve optimal 3D scanning results through rigorous testing and analysis. Our passion lies in delving deep into the realm of 3D scanning. We are dedicated to sharing our expertise through various channels, including YouTube videos and knowledge-based articles. We also have an online shop where you can buy 3D scanning accessories to help you get better scanning results.

Artec Leo: 3D Scanning Large Objects
We dedicate a lot of time and effort in making 3D scanning videos to show how Artec 3D scanners work.
Mobile (+ Wireless) 3D Scanning with Artec Leo x Artec Cloud on iPad video
With the release of Artec Cloud, we decided to test its mobile capabilities. We use the Artec Leo handheld 3D scanner in conjunction with Artec Cloud and an iPad without ever touching a laptop or a desktop computer.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have gained a deeper appreciation for the dedication and commitment that defines our approach to customer service. At GoMeasure3D, our enduring mission remains steadfast: to provide our valued customers with the utmost dedication and commitment in supplying them with the most suitable 3D scanners for their unique applications or challenges, ultimately empowering them to achieve their goals.


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