Why Buy An Artec Professional 3D Scanner?

Because You’ll Get More Value and Longevity Compared To Other 3D Scanners In the Market.

Artec 3D Scanners

Artec continues to be at the forefront of 3D scanning development with new innovations coming out every year that pushes the technology to new heights. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in an Artec 3D scanner.

Reason #1

The New Artec Studio 18 Software Delivers Best-In-Class 3D Scanning Experience

Not all 3D scanning software is created equal and Artec Studio is not your typical 3D scanning software. Actions say a lot when Artec continuously devotes its resources to R&D. The 3D scanning software undergoes one major version update once a year to ensure new and existing customers get the most out of their 3D scanners. With new updates happening every year, Artec Studio’s algorithms (especially the AI ones) get even better scan results with new features and added functionalities.

Artec Studio excels as the industry-leading 3D scanning software because it’s not just a 3D capturing and scan data post-processing software. With even more reverse engineering, inspection, and CGI tools inside the new Artec Studio 18 (AS18), you get a lot out of an Artec 3D scanner.

Artec Studio’s user experience is one of the best 3D scanning software you can find in the market. Let Artec Studio do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

This is a video demonstration of what it’s like to use an Artec 3D scanner. 3D scanning is often perceived as difficult so we want to bust this misconception and show you what it’s like in its entirety, from 3D capture to post-processing the scans into a full 3D model. Feel free to fast-forward if you like. 3D scanning with a handheld 3D scanner like the Space Spider is simple and intuitive to operate.
This is the final 3D model of the Elephant Figure – Artec Space Spider 3D Scan.
3D Scanning + Post-Processing
Reverse Engineering Tools
3D Inspection Tools
CGI Tools
Artec Leo

Transform physical objects into digital 3D models. It’s as simple as point and shoot.

Whether you’re a power user or just starting out, you can have complete control with the Manual Mode or the Autopilot Mode to create amazing accurate 3D models in the shortest amount of time.

reverse engineering

Speed up your design process by using 3D scan data as a guide for CAD (Scan-to-CAD).

Artec Studio’s Auto Surface tool enables one-click conversion of complex organic shapes into solid CAD models. It also has Boolean operations so users can modify models with CAD entities and meshes using the Union, Subtract, and Intersect tools.

Quality control

Compare 3D scan data with CAD model or a golden standard with color maps.

Datum alignment allows you to align meshes and CAD models using key geometric features in just a few clicks. You can do quick measurements and mesh-to-CAD analysis right inside the software. It’s fully integrated with Geomagic Control X for inspection directly inside the Artec Studio interface.

3D Modeling

Get amazing realistic, full-color 3D models.

Every Artec scanner captures texture data in full color. Use Artec Studio’s CGI toolsets— including full-color 3D scan data, texturizing via photogrammetry using digital SLR cameras or mobile phones, and auto glare removal—to create replica 3D models with perfect geometry and color representation.

Reason #2

Artec Cloud Transforms How You Work For The Better! Share, Process, and Collaborate With 3D Scan Data—All On Your Web Browser

Artec Cloud

Say goodbye to clunky workflows or using multiple programs to work with others. With Artec Cloud, you can now store all your models without dealing with FTP or other third-party storage services. The recipient(s) of your files would be able to access or view the 3D models using a browser with Artec Cloud.

The new Artec Cloud online collaboration platform empowers you, your colleagues, or your clients to upload, view, and discuss scans and 3D models—all in one central location.

You can even process your scan data directly on the web browser, or download them onto your desktop for further viewing or processing with Artec Studio!

New! Now all plans have the same features (Viewer, Collaboration, and Processing capabilities)—including the free plan. They only differ by the amount of storage capacity.

First Look at Artec Cloud Video
Our team gives their first impressions and takeaways on using the new Artec Cloud after getting exclusive access to using it for a couple of months prior to launch. With Artec Cloud, you no longer need a powerful computer in order to process scan data! There is also a big bonus for Mac users. Watch the video to see why.
Reason #3

Artec Studio’s HD Mode Makes Even A 6-Year-Old Artec Eva Perform Like A Brand New 3D Scanner

HD Mode
Currently, the HD Mode is exclusive to Artec Eva and Leo handheld 3D scanners.

There’s a common misconception that hardware needs to be the latest and greatest to achieve amazing 3D scanning results. In our lab, we had our Artec Eva for more than 6 years. Simply by upgrading our Artec Eva to Artec Studio with HD Mode, it feels like a new scanner in terms of performance. Artec Studio’s HD Mode uses AI neural network to capture high-resolution HD data for ultra-sharp, clean, and detail-rich scans. With game-changing features such as cutting down processing time and doubling the resolution with HD Mode, you’ll be glad you own an Eva or Leo.

SD vs HD Mode in Artec Studio

Instead of buying a brand new scanner every couple of years, why not invest in an Artec 3D scanner? Artec’s HD Mode clearly demonstrates that the power is in the software. Just by upgrading to the latest version of Artec Studio with HD Mode, you can get the best 3D scanning results out of the Artec Eva or Leo.

If you think about it, upgrading the software is only a fraction of the cost of buying a completely new 3D scanner. Updating to the latest version extends the life of the system. Buying an Artec 3D scanner saves you money in the long run.

The Test: Comparing Artec Studio Versions

Typically, the Artec Eva is an ideal 3D scanner for scanning medium sized objects (i.e. Gearboxes, construction equipment, castings, alloy wheels, human body, furniture, statues) but our team is always looking for ways to push the limits of what a 3D scanner. Therefore, we scanned a small object with the Eva.

mech part
3D scanning a small object measuring 59mm.

We scanned the same object using these settings.

All 3D Scans Are Produced Using Our 6-Year-Old Artec Eva
SD Mode
HD Mode
Ultra HD Mode
Scan results you would get before Artec Studio 15 Scan results from Artec Studio 15 (When HD Mode was first introduced.) Scan results from Artec Studio 16 (We did this test when Artec Studio 16 came out. The latest version of Artec Studio is 18.)

Comparing the scan results, you can see how just by upgrading the software—while using the same hardware—drastically improves scan results. The details are much sharper and cleaner in Artec Studio 16. The biggest leap in improvements is from Artec Studio 14 (and previous versions) to Artec Studio 15 (when HD Mode was first introduced).

HD Mode Artec Studio 16
HD Mode Artec Studio 15
SD Mode

With the latest version of Artec Studio 18, speed improvements for HD reconstruction is now 4x faster compared to previous versions of the software. As a result, you can significantly accelerate your processing workflow, and do so much more in far less time.

Reason #4

Produces Amazing 3D Scanning Results

We’ll keep this one short and let the results speak for themselves.

Sketchfab staff pick
We used our 6-year-old Artec Eva to scan a Motorcycle Wheel in HD Mode. It’s quite difficult for a 3D scanner to scan objects that are thin like the spokes of this wheel but the AI-powered Artec Eva rose to the challenge. This model has been selected as Sketchfab Staff Pick. Interact with the 3D model >

Check out our Sketchfab page for more 3D models produced by Artec 3D scanners.

Sketchfab logo
Reason #5

Impressive 3D Scanner Lineup To Take on Any Challenges

Artec has all the 3D scanners you need to do the job. You can scan everything you need from as small as a tiny screw to as large as a football field.

Broccoli scans with Artec Micro
We want to put the Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner to the test to see how well it performs in 3D scanning small objects. Broccoli is a perfect candidate as it has complex organic structures and hard to reach areas. See the results of our test >
Artec Ray scanning data
3D scanning with Artec Ray – Industrial scene 70 feet (21,600mm) in length.

Artec’s desktop, handheld, and Lidar 3D scanners all use the same 3D scanning software, Artec Studio. That means all you have to do is learn one software. You can use two or more Artec 3D scanners (i.e.: pair the Leo/Eva with Space Spider, or Ray with Leo) and combine the scan results to get the best of each system.

Because of the range of 3D scanners Artec offers, you can use their systems for a variety of applications. Whether you need it for reverse engineering, quality inspection, scientific measurement, forensics, and VR/AR, there’s a system for you.

Global Brands That Uses Artec Across A Wide Range of Applications

businesses using Artec
Which Artec 3D Scanner Is Right For You?
  Micro Space Spider Eva Leo Ray
Artec Micro 3D Scanner
Space Spider 3D Scanner
Artec Eva 3D Scanner
Artec Leo 3D Scanner
Artec Ray II 3D Scanner
3D Scanner Type Desktop (metrology-grade) Handheld
(ultra-high resolution)
Handheld (versatile and most popular) Handheld
(with internal processing)
Long Range (metrology-grade, Lidar)
Accuracy Up to 0.01 mm Up to 0.05 mm Up to 0.1 mm Up to 0.1 mm Up to 1.9 mm from 10 meters
Resolution Up to 0.029 mm Up to 0.1 mm Up to 0.2 mm Up to 0.2 mm Up to 3 mm at 10 meters
Sample Objects Extra Small
Engine valves, connectors, small parts, watch gears & parts, electronic components, human teeth & jewelry
Compressors, small tools, PCBs, keys & coins, fasteners, small archaeological objects, body parts such as ears and jaw bones
Gearboxes, construction equipment, castings, alloy wheels, human body, furniture, statues
Medium to Large
Auto Body and interior, industrial equipment, ship propellers, small boats, human body scans, furniture & room interiors
Very Large
Airplanes, small & large vehicles, ships, wind turbines, warehouses, factory floors, archaeological sites, aircraft hangars
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