Artec AI-Powered
HD Mode

Industry’s First State-Of-The-Art Neural Engine Exclusive To The Artec Eva and Leo 3D Scanner

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With the latest update to Artec Studio 3D scanning software with HD Mode, let Artec’s Artifical Intelligence (AI) do all the heavy lifting for you to deliver stunning 3D scanning results.

Industry First AI-Powered 3D Scanning Technology

HD mode scan of Honda engine

Artec’s most popular 3D scanners, Eva and Leo, are now more powerful than ever.

That’s all thanks to the new HD mode in Artec Studio 3D scanning software powered by Artec’s proprietary AI. Using a repository of hundreds of thousands of scan samples, this neural network became a master at finding familiar patterns, details, and geometry through machine learning.

As a result, these handheld 3D scanners are much better at delivering exceptionally clean and extremely sharp raw 3D scans—all in ultra-high resolution.

* Engine scanned using Artec Leo in HD Mode

HD Mode Exclusively For The Artec Eva and Leo

With the power of AI, Artec unleashes a new level of what the Eva and Leo 3D scanners can achieve. The new set of AI-powered algorithms in Artec Studio 3D scanning software is now better at understanding the scene it’s scanning. It’s also processing the information to output a higher quality scan data with the same hardware.

The result: The remastered 3D model is a deeper and richer representation of the scan object.

Scan Quality Improvements

Get the following improvements when using the HD mode versus SD mode (using standard algorithms):

More Than Double the Resolution

More Than Double the Resolution

The HD mode delivers stunning, sharp 3D scans with a resolution of up to 0.2 mm. With the Artec Eva or Leo set to standard mode, you get 0.5 mm.

That’s more than 2x the resolution with the new HD mode! Your results will be denser quality 3D scan data.

Skeleton scan

Deliver Clean Raw 3D Scans

Artec’s new AI engine delivers minimal noise in the raw data. The HD mode makes it easy on the user. Get amazing results and let Artec AI do all the hard work for you.

You save post-processing time that can often be tedious and time consuming work.

* Skeleton scanned using Artec Eva in HD Mode

Bike tire scan

Scan Broader Spectrum of Objects

Artec Eva or Leo 3D scanner with HD Mode is even now more versatile with its ability to capture a wide range of objects that wasn’t possible before.

  • Smaller objects: Produces scans with greater complexity in detail
  • Larger areas: Big objects with intricate detail

* Wheel scanned using Artec Eva in HD Mode

HD Mode Highlights in Artec Studio

Did you know that Artec first introduced the HD Mode with Artec Studio 15? With the latest release of Artec Studio 3D scanning software, the AI-powered Artec Eva and Leo are now even smarter, faster, and sharper than ever before.

Faster HD Reconstruction Speed for Artec Leo

1.5x Faster HD Data Reconstruction With Artec Leo

(Scroll right to see all the HD Mode Improvements)

Artec’s fastest 3D scanner just got 1.5x faster! This update empowers you to get the necessary 3D data much quicker and focus on the design, engineering, inspection, and other tasks that matter. Getting HD data for this handheld 3D scanner is now 1.5x faster thanks to the latest update of our proprietary algorithm for razor sharp and clean 3D scans.

HD Reconstruction for Artec Eva

On-Demand HD Reconstruction for Artec Eva, Whenever You Want

Now 3D scanning with the Artec Eva in HD is now even easier as you no longer have to reconstruct your scan data right away. Store raw HD data directly in your project and choose when and where to process it—right after 3D scanning, or at a later time. You can even take your work to a different and more powerful computer if necessary.

Multiple Reconstruction

Try Out Multiple Reconstruction To Get The Best Result

When you’re working with HD scan data captured with either the Artec Eva or Leo, you now can try out different settings with multiple reconstructions to find what works best for you in terms of resolution and project size. As a bonus, you can do this anytime, not only on import—and as many times as you’d like. Expect sharper results and a quicker process to get the exact results you always wanted.


Sharper Than Ever

Create the sharpest and most detail-rich 3D scans in ultra-high resolution, leaving no details behind.

Optimize Reconstruction Speed For Your GPU

Optimize Reconstruction Speed For Your GPU

This new add-on allows you to test your computer’s graphic card and fine-tune HD Mode settings so they best fit your particular specs. As a result, you can expect much faster reconstruction of HD data from your Leo or Eva than using default settings.

High-Definition Data on SD Cards

Store High-Definition Data on SD Cards for Artec Leo

The encrypted file format empowers you to store high-definition data from the Artec Leo on your SD card. You no longer have to spend time importing projects from Leo whenever you change HD settings. With HD raw data conveniently saved on your SD card, you’ve got faster access to the data you need, when and where you need it. You can now conveniently export all your HD projects to an SD card, then import them to Artec Studio–without needing to stay connected to Leo.

Scanning Challenging Parts

The AI-powered HD mode powers through surfaces that are notoriously difficult to scan including:

Mechanical scan

Hard To Reach Geometry

You can now scan complicated hard-to-scan objects, including surfaces with holes and even gaps. HD mode gets you more scan coverage in greater detail and cleaner data than in SD mode.

  • Sharp Edges
    Sharp Edges

    Capture fine and thin details in high definition, and true to the original object.

  • Black Shiny Surfaces
    Black Shiny Surfaces

    Dark and reflective surfaces are captured without any issues.

  • Hair / Fur
    Hair / Fur

    Ability to capture more geometry for hair and separate strands.

Rise to the Challenge

The compound bow is one of the toughest object for any 3D scanner to scan. We want to push the new HD mode to its limits and see the results. Spanning across 2 feet wide, the object has thin and has sharp edges. The Artec Eva handheld 3D scanner in AI-powered HD mode provides more coverage and is capable of capturing more details with minimal noise compared to the SD mode.

Compound Bow

  • Large Object
  • Sharp and Thin Details
  • Dark Surfaces
SD Mode
HD Mode
Real World Object

Your Output Is Only As Good As Your Input

With cleaner raw data from using the HD Mode, you are using the finest quality source data your applications—whether it’s for 3D modeling, CGI, reverse engineering, or 3D inspection—to do your job remarkably well.

How Do You Get the HD Mode?

graphic Artec Studio Software

To use HD mode, you’ll need an Artec Eva or Leo scanner with an active Artec Studio license, and a compatible computer.

If you already have an Artec Eva or Leo, simply upgrade to the latest version of Artec Studio to get the HD mode. It’s like getting a new 3D scanner simply with a software upgrade at a fraction of the cost!

Upgrade Now!

How HD Mode Works

All you need to do is to switch on the new HD mode in Artec Studio 3D scanning software before you start scanning. Scan as you normally would (no extra step!). The software automatically processes the data for you to get the extra level of definition, clarity, and quality out of your 3D scanner. You can easily change back to the SD mode for simpler projects that don’t require the highest quality of data.

SD Mode
HD Mode
Real World Object

Controlling Scan Density

You have total control on the quality output of the scan data with the HD Mode. Choose the desired density of your HD scans from a standard 1x density to an impressive 36x for Eva (~3 million polygons per frame) and 64x for Leo (~5 million polygons per frame). When examining an isolated frame of the 3D scan data, you can visually see the polygon density dramatically increases from SD Mode all the way to 32x in HD Mode for the Artec Eva.

Scan Density Per Frame (in Polygons)

  • SD Mode
  • HD Mode (4x)
  • HD (32x)
HD Mode 32x
HD Mode
SD Mode

Computer Requirements

  • Artec Eva 3D Scanner
    Artec Eva 3D Scanner
    • GPU Memory: 2 GB or more
    • RAM: 1 minute of scanning is +7 GB (@ 4x density)
    • Recommended RAM: at least 64 GB
  • Artec Leo 3D Scanner
    Artec Leo 3D Scanner
    • GPU Memory: 4 GB or more
    • RAM on normal frequency: 1 minute of scanning is +1.2 GB (@ 4x density), +2.5 GB (@ 7.1x density)
    • Recommended RAM: at least 64 GB