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Our team has been getting questions on YouTube as to what would be the best aerosol spray to apply for scanning challenging surfaces if the object can’t be cleaned after 3D scanning.

What can I do if I need to scan challenging surfaces but can’t use permanent 3D scanning spray?

Artec Studio 15 3D Scanning Software Is Here

Artec Studio 15 3D Scanning Software Is Here!

With Artec Studio 15, you can now scan, create a 3D model, and perform essential scan-to-CAD operations all inside one software for reverse engineering and 3D inspection. With every new Artec Studio release, it feels like you are getting an upgraded system even if you already own an Artec 3D scanner!

Interested in upgrading to Artec Studio 15?

Quality Inspection

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If you feel your current inspection process has its shortcomings, now it’s a good time to take a closer look and see what a professional 3D scanner has to offer.

When should I consider using a 3D scanner for quality inspection?

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