Artec Studio 16
3D Scanning Software

Industry-acclaimed software for advanced 3D scanning and scan data processing

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Artec Studio 16 has all the tools you need for 3D scanning. Create high-quality 3D models and perform essential scan-to-CAD reverse engineering and 3D inspection operations right in the software.

3D scanner Compatibility

Artec Studio 16 3D scanning software is now here!

Artec Studio Powers These 3D Scanners:

Software can make all the difference when it comes to the user experience, especially for those who are new to 3D scanning. That’s why Artec does a major software release each year.

Artec Studio 3D scanning software powers all Artec 3D handheld, desktop 3D scanners as well as LIDAR system for advanced 3D scanning and scan data post-processing.

* AI-powered HD Mode for Eva and Leo 3D scanners. Learn More →

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Easy 3D Scanning.
High Quality Results.

The latest version of Artec Studio 16 empowers you to do 3D scanning better and faster than ever before. Artec Studio does all the hard work and makes it look effortless when it comes to capturing high-quality 3D models. Speed up reverse engineering and quality control processes with more advanced toolsets built right into the software.

That’s why it’s an easy decision to get an Artec 3D scanner.

What’s New in Artec Studio 16?

The 3D scanning software improvements in these core areas:

New Scan-to-CAD Functionality

With the software’s new bundle of features and improvements, you can do more quality control and basic reverse engineering operations directly inside Artec Studio 16 before exporting to your favorite CAD software—saving you time and effort.

  • Reverse Engineering
    Reverse Engineering

    Use 3D scan data as a design reference

  • Quality Control
    Quality Control

    Compare CAD models to 3D scan data to improve product quality

Create Amazing Visuals

For CGI applications, you can now map high quality photographs from digital SLR cameras onto the scan data to create photorealistic textures. You can also map photos from your mobile phone.

  • Photorealistic Texture Mapping
    Photorealistic Texture Mapping

    Map high-quality photos from digtial SLR cameras

Faster and Better Workflow

Artec Studio 16 improves work efficiency by performing tasks and loading projects at a faster pace compared to previous versions of the software for an even better user experience.

  • HD Mode
    HD Mode

    Reconstruction time ~2x faster

  • Faster Workflow
    Faster Workflow

    Projects load at least 10x faster

New AI-Powered HD Mode

Get 2x Resolution for Eva and Leo 3D Scanners

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Artec Cloud

Artec Cloud 3D online collaboration platform

A New Way to Work: Share, Process, Collaborate

Now there’s an online 3D platform that truly encourages collaboration and be flexible to your needs. Whether you’re out in the field, want the fastest way to process and send data back to the office, require a quick response from your team, or want to find a better way to work with others in different locations, Artec Cloud is your answer! It’s a 3D project managment software that makes data accessible and downloadable for everyone—whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Accessibility

    With any plan in Artec Cloud, you’ll be able to view and comment on existing projects from any browser with other team members. Compatible with all major browsers running on Windows or MacOS.

  • Collaborate with ease
    Collaborate with ease

    In Collaboration mode, entire projects can be worked on in one place, making it far easier to coordinate amongst your team.

  • Process 3D scans right on your browser
    Process 3D scans right on your browser

    You can process 3D scans in your browser from any location and from any computer. You’re not constraint by the limited processing power of your device and it frees your computer to do other tasks!

* Compatible with Artec Eva, Space Spider, and Leo handheld 3D scanners. Artec Cloud requires a separate subscription from Artec Studio.

3D Scanning has never been so straightforward

Artec space spider 3d scanning car compressor

Artec Studio produces fast and stunning results using its unparalleled algorithms. The software includes functionalities to make 3D scanning easy for people without prior experience:

  • Total control of your movements with powerful texture and geometry tracking, even with jerky movements
  • Immediately picks up scanning where you left off
  • Build a model while you scan with Real-Time Fusion mode
  • Turn off the flash for scanning photosensitive objects
  • Smart Base Removal automatically eliminates the base on which your object is standing, even if that surface is curved

Autopilot Makes 3D Scanning So Simple!

Advanced smart mode guides users through post-processing in four easy steps. It automatically selects the most effective settings for your scan data and produce accurate, watertight 3D models.

Make 3D Models in 3 Ways

Workflow 1:

Best for beginners
Accurate results in easy, automated steps
Accurate results in easy,
automated steps

Users are guided through a few questions about the object. The software deletes any unwanted captured data, auto-aligns the scans with one click, and instinctively selects the most effective 3D algorithms to create a high precision 3D model.

Workflow 2:
Manual Mode

Best for Advanced users
Full control and flexibility during the process
Full control and flexibility
during the process

Scan your object and choose the post-processing settings yourself. Advanced users have a full range of powerful tools to manipulate 3D scan data exactly as they like. Get the best 3D scanning results exactly the way you want.

Workflow 3:
Real-time Fusion

Best for Simple Objects
Enhanced Auto-Align Feature
Build your 3D model
as you scan

Move the 3D scanner around the object and see your model being built as you go. Perfect for scanning simple objects, such as limbs or torso, or for getting a quick preview. Export the 3D models faster for application use.

3D Scanning Difficult Objects

3D scanning black, shiny objects, or hair is no challenge for Artec 3D scanners. Artec Studio analyzes the surface of your object and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of your scanner to pick up even tricky areas for 3D scanning. Even new users can scan complicated objects without problems!

True Mobile 3D Scanning on a Tablet

Artec Handheld

Get total freedom with mobile 3D scanning. Artec Studio is optimized for mobile 3D scanning in terms of tablet screen and resolution. Easily use all the tools of Artec Studio to produce perfect results on a tablet and have more freedom to move around at the same time.

Recommended tablets for mobile 3D scanning:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • MS Surface Pro 3
  • Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

Post-Processing of 3D Scan Data

Post-processing in Artec Studio is much faster and easier thanks to these features.

Automatic Base Removal
Smart Base Removal Tool

The software deletes flat background (i.e. floor, table) and now even curved or uneven base types automatically.

Simplify mesh
Simplify Your Mesh in a Flash

Optimize file size by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands, while maintaining high quality mesh.

Texture mapping
Texture Mapping at Lightning Speed

Texturing algorithm uses your videocard in the most efficient way. Add high quality texture to your model in no time.

Reverse Engineering Tools

Speed up your design process by using3D scan data as a guide for CAD (Scan-to-CAD).

Primitives and precise positioning for CAD within Artec Studio 16 allow you to fast track your reverse engineering workflow, all the while making the process as simple as possible!

Scan-to-CAD Features
Inside Artec Studio

Reverse Engineering Workflow
Perform Basic Reverse Engineering Operations Right In Artec Studio

Perform Basic Reverse Engineering Operations Right In Artec Studio

Speed Up Your Scan-to-CAD Workflow

(Scroll right to see all of Artec Studio’s reverse engineering features)

Path A: Scan a simple part and use primitives to extract key geometrical data in CAD format. Then, export as a STEP file for immediate use in SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software. Path B or C: For more complex parts, directly send the mesh into Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS (Path B) or Geomagic Design X (Path C) in just one click.

Primitives For Reverse Engineering

Primitives For Reverse Engineering

Whether you’re designing customized packaging, re-engineering wheel wells to fit high-performance wheels, or devising a new circuit board, CAD primitives can kick-start your workflow. Now, you can do this within Artec Studio—saving you lots of time and effort.

Position Your 3D Model Into World Coordinate System

Position Your 3D Model Into World Coordinate System

Precise Positioning empowers you position your model in the world coordinate system inside Artec Studio. This sought after feature prepares your models for export to SOLIDWORKS and other engineering software, making it easier to reverse engineer your scan data.

Export CAD Files Directly To SOLIDWORKS Or Geomagic Design X

Export CAD Files Directly To SOLIDWORKS Or Geomagic Design X

After correctly positioning your model, export the primitives aligned to the scan data in STEP, IGES, or X_T CAD formats. Continue your engineering workflow in SOLIDWORKS, Geomagic Design X, or other 3D CAD software.

15X Faster Sections

15X Faster Sections

Now not only can you create sections more accurately by using primitives and Precise Positioning, the Sections tool itself has become 15 times faster.

Quality Inspection Tools

Inspect with confidence. Compare 3D scan data with CAD model or a golden standard.

In Artec Studio 16, you can do quick measurements and mesh-to-CAD analysis right inside the software. It’s fully integrated with Geomagic Control X for advanced inspection directly inside Artec Studio interface.

Quality Control Features
Inside Artec Studio

Quality Inspection Workflow
Reverse Engineering Workflow

Compare Your 3D Scan Data To CAD Model Inside Artec Studio

Quick Quality Control Operations Make Faster, More Convenient Workflow

(Scroll right to see all of Artec Studio’s 3D inspection features)

Path A: You can carry out basic deviation analysis on all the 3D models you create with CAD models without leaving Artec Studio. Path B: For more complex processes and tools, simply export to any full package inspection software, such as Geomagic Control X.

Import and inpsect

Import CAD Models And Inspect

Import SOLIDWORKS models and other CAD objects directly into Artec Studio for direct comparison with your mesh. Now with a few clicks of the mouse you can conveniently import STEP, IGES, and X_T CAD files and get right to work—all in one software.

Primitives For Quality Control

Primitives For Quality Control

Convert sections of your mesh into primitives–spheres, cones, planes, and cylinders. Use these simple geometrical shapes to perform highly accurate measurements directly in Artec Studio. For example, measure the deviation of a surface from a plane or a hole from a fitted cylinder or sphere.


Faster Surface Distance Map

An indispensable tool for metrology for pinpointing measurements between meshes, Artec Studio’s surface distance map now displays distances instanteously. Export your distance map results as a CSV file for further analysis.

Great At Processing and Viewing Large Scan Data Sets

Surface Distance Map Annotations

Add an annotation on the distance map using Ctrl + Click. The distance appears as the default text.

CGI Tools

Get amazing color 3D models.

Use Artec Studio’s host of CGI tools, including full-color 3D scan data, texturizing via photogrammetry, and auto glare removal to create replica 3D models with perfect geometry and color representation.

Capture Amazing Color 3D Models
In Artec Studio

color 3d models

Essential Features for Color 3D Models

Digital Reproduction At Its Finest

(Scroll right to see all of Artec Studio’s color features)

Capturing color scans that is true to the original scan object is very important, especially for CGI, animation, VR/AR applications. With Artec Studio, users can rest assured that color will be captured and displayed correctly thanks to multiple automated features.

high resolution color texture mapping

Create Photorealistic Texture

Use High Quality Photos from Your Digital SLR or Smartphone for Texture Mapping

In Artec Studio 16, you can create high-quality texture for data capture with Leo, Eva, and Spider. Take photos around the object with your camera or smartphone and upload directly to Artec Studio. Easily build and map texture onto the mesh captured with your 3D scanner. Without relying on external tools, you can do it all in one place, making it faster and far more convenient than any other 3D scanning and photogrammetry workflow.

Enhanced Color Reproduction

Enhanced Color Reproduction

Create Correctly-Textured Models Effortlessly

Any unwanted colors from the background behind the object are automatically suppressed, without having to manually predefine the area of application. Simply adjust the suppression level slider and that’s it. Artec Studio’s refined algorithm searches across multiple scans for the correct color to substitute to get you consistently perfect color scans.

target free scanning and registration

Model-to-Model Texture Transfer

Instantly Clone Any Texture Over To Your Other Models

In previous versions of Artec Studio, if you wanted to apply texture to your model, you had to select specific scans to show which texture to be used. Now, if you have an existing textured model, you can select that instead of your scans. Its texture will then be transferred right over to your new model. Simply clone that brilliant texture over to your other models, saving you valuable time.

Automatic Glare Removal Feature

Automatic Glare Removal Feature

Get Rid Noticable Glares In Your Scans

When a 3D scanner collects scan data, it most likely uses a light source. Some surfaces can reflect the light of the flash, leaving uneven and unwanted visable glare. The new feature uses advanced PBR algorithms to rid of glare in your 3D scans. Retouching scans is a tedious, time-consuming task. Artec Studio harmonizes the balance of lighting of the final model, saving you time and creating stunning 3D models without manual processing.

Export for Industry Use

Scanning with Artec

Once 3D capturing and post-processing is complete, export your 3D models into various formats and use them in your favorite software application.

Use Artec Studio for the fastest and smoothest path from 3D scan to CAD, 3D inspection, or 3D modeling programs.
  • Export

    Export 3D models into the file you need:

    • CAD: STEP, IGES, X_T
    • Measurements: CSV, DXF, XML
    • Mesh: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASC, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB
    • Point cloud: BTX, PTX
  • Import

    Import into a wide selection of software: