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Handheld 3D Scanning Solution for Maximum Portability

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Customers using Artec’s 3D Scanning Technology:

  • Target
  • new balance
    new balance
  • Toyota
  • Sennheiser

3d scanning has never been so portable

affordable handheld solutions

Artec 3D scanners are a professional line of affordable handheld solutions offering the best of both worlds. They provide excellent scanning quality with fast scan speed in high resolution, while being easy to use with full portability. Artec handheld 3D scanners are compatible with both lightweight laptops and tablets, providing the best overall user experience. When used with the battery pack accessory, it gives the scanners up to 6 hours of scanning time. You can take them anywhere, capturing objects right in the field.

Artec battery pack accesory

Which model is right for me?

The field of view diagram (FOV) helps determine the Artec scanner you need based on scanning volume. FOV is the observable area that the scanner is capable of capturing. The Artec Eva creates quick, textured and accurate scans of medium to large surface areas. Use the Artec Space Spider to scan small areas, capturing intricate detail with minute precision.

Artec scanners field of view

How it Works

3D scanning car wheel

Artec’s handheld technology operates similar to a video camera but it captures objects in 3D with continuous scanning. Simply turn it on and hover around the object for recording. The scanner provides you with real-time feedback making the scanning process fast and simple. Monitor what parts of the object have been captured and which areas need more attention. The scans are aligned automatically in real-time to create a complete digital 3D model.

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Easy to Use
Safe to Use

Artec scanners use structured-light technology (laser-free) safe to use for scanning people, even faces.

Extremely Versatile
Extremely Versatile

Artec 3D scanners scan a broad range of objects. Use Eva for medium to large objects and Spider for small objects.

Target Free
Target Free

With Artec scanners, you don’t need to prepare the object and no calibration is required. Start scanning right away.

3D Video Mode
3D Video Mode

Additional feature to Artec scanners enable you to scan a moving object and record a real-time 3D video.

Bundling Multiple Scanners
Bundling Multiple Scanners

Streamline the scanning process by syncing several scanners together to scan large objects automatically.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration

Integrate Artec scanners into your own scanning system using Artec’s Scanning SDK for free.

Integrating 3D Scanning
to the Art of Bronze Sculpting

Discover how Jamie Lester at Vandalia Bronze integrates 3D scanning into his artwork to enhance his craft.

Read the case study

3D Scanning Applications

Artec 3D scanners open up 3D scanning technologies for countless industries with its performance and affordability, including:

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Design

    Manufacturing and Industrial Design

    Quality Control, Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping

  • Arts and History

    Arts and History

    Architecture, Computer Graphics, Fashion Design, Cultural Preservation

  • Medical and Health Care

    Medical and Health Care

    Prosthetics, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery

  • Science and Education

    Science and Education

    Forensics, Research and Development

Powered by Artec Studio Software

Artec Scanning Software

Artec handheld scanners are used with Artec Studio that powers the 3D scanning process and advanced processing of scan data. Audible and visual aids guide you through the process to make sure you are scanning correctly. Once you have captured the data, you can optimize your 3D models using the most advanced algorithms and features inside the software to create a perfect 3D digital representation.

* Artec Studio Software is purchased separately from the Artec 3D scanner

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