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Understanding 3D Scanners:
Field of View Explained and How It Impacts Scan Quality

Multiple Field of View

Field of view is the observable area a 3D scanner can capture a scan from a certain distance. We’ll answer common questions related to field of view, how it affects scan quality, and the difference between a fixed versus flexible field of view 3D scanner.

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New Product Introduction

Looking for an Affordable 3D Scanner? Meet Metron E

Scanning with Metron E

Metron E is a desktop 3D scanner that’s a perfect solution for those who are seeking high quality 3D scan results found in a professional system without the expensive price tag. It’s great for implementing 3D scanning for the first time or if you have a modest budget.

What makes Metron E special is that it’s easy, efficient, and economical.

It’s pre-calibrated for accuracy and simple to use. It’s powered by FlexScan3D scanning software that makes the 3D scanning experience much more efficient, from capturing 3D data to post-processing. You can do it all in one place.

Check out the price of the Metron E 3D scanning systems.

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3d Printing Tutorial

Evaluating the Accuracy of a 3D Printed Part Against the CAD Model

3D printer

How do you gauge the performance of a 3D printer?

We’ll show you how by performing an accuracy test using a 3D scanner. See how you can tweak the printer settings to improve print accuracy.

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New Product Introduction

HDI Carbon: Engineered for Flexible Performance, Designed for Portability

HDI Carbon

What if you can have a powerful 3D scanner that can easily adapt to scanning a variety of parts, while still easy to take with you on off-site projects?

The HDI Carbon is a crossover 3D scanner that showcases the best features in the HDI Advance (flexibility and performance) and HDI Compact (portability) into one convenient solution.

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Special Deal on Rhino 6

More Reasons to Love Rhino 6 for Windows

Now $795 (Save $200 – Best Deal)
Rhino Software

Rhino 6 for Windows delivers new features and improvements to greatly enhance your modeling experience.

Read our blog post that highlights the new features inside Rhino 6 for Windows [with Videos, Tutorials, and Resources].

At GoMeasure3D, we offer the best price guaranteed. If you find better pricing on Rhino 6 for Windows advertised online, in-store, or in print, contact us and we’ll match the price.

Quality Magazine Article

Choosing the Right Tool for Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering surfaces

The reverse engineering process is handled differently depending on the complexity of the part. Take a look at how to choose the right reverse engineering tool for parts with simple geometry, feature-rich geometry, and non-prismatic geometry.

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XTract3D Software

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