Looking for a professional 3D scanner that’s affordable? Meet Metron E

Published on September 12, 2018. Written by: Tangie Motley

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At GoMeasure3D, our mission is to connect people to the right 3D scanning technology to make their work easier.

Our philosophy has always been expensive technology doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better or it’s right for what you need. We strive to help our customers find affordable 3D scanning technology to improve their processes. The new equipment will become an integral part of their operations to give them a competitive edge.

There is a strong demand from companies, organizations, and schools looking for a 3D scanner that produces professional scan data quality but they don’t necessarily have the funds to invest in an expensive system. Usually it’s their first time implementing a new technology or they have a limited budget to make a capital investment.

Metron E was built exactly for these reasons. It’s an affordable 3D scanner that’s the perfect solution for those who still need high quality results found in a professional system without the expensive price tag.

What’s Special About the Metron E 3D Scanner?

What makes this system special is that it’s easy, efficient, and economical. It’s powered by FlexScan3D scanning software that streamlines the 3D scanning experience, from capturing 3D data from physical objects to cleaning up your 3D scan data.

It’s Easy

Get started on 3D scanning in no time.

Simple to Setup: The Metron E 3D scanner is already pre-calibrated for accuracy the moment you get the scanner so you don’t have to do it yourself. Plug in the system and install the 3D scanning software, FlexScan3D, on your computer and you are ready for scanning.

Video Tour

Easy to Use: The Metron E 3D scanner is designed to make 3D scanning an intuitive process. It’s easy to operate, even for those who are just getting started with 3D scanning.

See It In Action

It’s Efficient

Get high quality raw scan data fast.

The performance model, Metron E-HD, generates impressive scan data at an average of 4.9 million points per scan in 1.2 seconds with 25 micron accuracy.

Metron E 3D scan data samples:

View or download scan samples of the these models in 3D on Sketchfab and see it for yourself.

Metron E is a versatile 3D scanner for industry applications including 3D modeling, scientific measurement, and quality inspection.

Reverse Engineering from Scan to CAD Using Rhino
Automated Inspection Scan to Golden Part Comparison with Deviation Analysis

It’s Economical

People are often attracted to the price point of a consumer-based system but data quality isn’t good enough for commercial use, especially for industrial applications. High-end systems can get pricey with some systems costing upwards of $15,000+ to even $100,000. Metron E is an affordable 3D scanner.

If you are looking for a happy medium for a 3D scanner that produces professional results without spending too much, Metron E provides great quality scans for the price.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Using Consumer 3D Scanners For Work

Consumer-based 3D scanners are designed for use in applications where high accuracy and resolution is not needed, typically for recreational use. That’s why it’s substantially less expensive compared to professional 3D scanners.

It’s the same reason why professionals in all areas of trade typically use professional equipment. For example, photographers don’t use point and shoot cameras and chefs use professional culinary tools (such as knives and pans) in their line of work.

Professional 3D scanners used for industry applications deliver significantly better raw scan data quality, in terms of accuracy and resolution, when compared to consumer 3D scanners.

Professional 3D scanners also have better repeatability compared to consumer 3D scanners. Repeatability is about consistency, meaning that if a measurement is taken using the same methods, you get the same results, every time. Low repeatability means you get inconsistent results. This can be detrimental when you use unreliable data from consumer-based low cost 3D scanners for making important decisions.

Here’s a summary of how these qualities compare between a consumer 3D scanner versus a professional 3D scanner.

  Consumer 3D Scanners Professional 3D Scanners
    Metron E Mid-Range High End

< $1,000


~$5,000 – $10,000


> $10,000 – $25,000


> $25,000 – $100,000


(Variations in repeated measurements – higher is better)

four checkmarks five checkmarks six checkmarks

(Amount of detail in a 3D scan – higher is better)

four checkmarks five checkmarks six checkmarks

(How close a measurement is to true value – higher is better)

four checkmarks five checkmarks six checkmarks

It’s powered by FlexScan3D 3D Scanning Software

FlexScan3D 3D scanning software is what makes Metron E so efficient. It streamlines the 3D scanning workflow, making the process simple.

FlexScan3D screenshot
Automated Features Makes 3D Scanning Process Faster

FlexScan3D has all the features you need to be more efficient at 3D modeling. It automates many of the manual steps in the 3D scanning process such as live scanning, cut plane, automatic alignment of scans into a digital 3D model so you can finish your projects faster.

Live Scanning Motion Detection Speeds Up the 3D Scanning Process

FlexScan3D’s Live Scan Feature triggers a new scan automatically once the scan target is placed into a new position, either by hand or mechanical means with a rotary table. It eliminates the need for users to move back and forth between the scanner and the computer in order to create a complete 3D model while much of the scanning process is automated.

Creating a Big Field of View Using Multiple Scanners to Scan Faster

With FlexScan3D, you can run multiple Metron E 3D scanners on one computer to automate the 3D scanning process. You can trigger a series of scanners to create a large field of view quickly without moving the scanner or object. FlexScan3D will use the scanners to take 3D scans in sequence and post-process the scan data into a digital 3D model. You can scan parts much faster this way.

Want to get a personalized experience of what Metron E is all about? If you want to get an interactive tour of the Metron E right on your computer, feel free to contact us. We would love to give you a live demonstration in a one-on-one meeting. We can answer questions you have and help you figure out how to implement 3D scanning technology into your work.

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