HDI Advance R1x/R3x
3D Scanner

Flexible 3D Scanning System

We are now able to obtain high definition scans with our HDI Advance R1x 3D scanner.
This changes everything!

Jeffries F. Epps, MCSE Director of Informational Technology Richmond County Schools, NC and recipient of the White House Champions of Change Award

Built for Versatility

The HDI Advance R1x and R3x 3D scanner provide the flexibility of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing its field of view (FOV). The 3D scanners come with three preset camera slots that allow you to quickly modify the field of view from 165 mm up to 600 mm depending on the scanner model. The HDI Advance Macro Kit is also available for upgrading the scanner to scan extremely small objects with a 50mm field of view.

All HDI Advance 3D Scanners
Have a Flexible Field of View
Field of View (FOV)

Observable area that a 3D scanner can capture a
3D scan at a certain distance.

Smaller Field of View

Scan smaller objects using inner camera slots

Wider Field of View

Scan larger objects using outer camera slots

Available Models

The original models of the HDI Advance, R1x/R3x, are known for their flexibility, performance, and value. The scanners are ideal for companies who need a 3D measurement system that can capture digital models fast with accuracy, especially when dealing with large volumes of objects that need to be scanned. The new HDI Advance R4x model is available for metrology applications that require even higher accuracy and resolution than the R1x/R3x models.


HDI Advance R1x

1.3 seconds per scan with full field scanning

1.1 million points per scan

65 microns per scan
165mm diagonal
field of view

Scan Speed

How fast one is captured


How much detail is captured


How true a measurement is to real value


HDI Advance R3x

0.88 seconds per scan with full field scanning

2.6 million points per scan

45 microns per scan
200mm diagonal
field of view

Valuable Across Industry Applications

With the scanner’s ability to capture 3D measurements from objects ranging from industrial parts, manufactured products, cultural artifacts, dental molds, and even people (face and body scanning), this versatile solution is currently being used in many industries including:

  • Arts and Entertainment

    Computer graphics
    for movies, animation, and gaming

  • Medical

    Custom products
    including orthotics/braces/masks

  • Manufacturing

    Reverse engineering, quality inspection, additive manufacturing

  • Cultural Heritage


  • Research

    Scientific measurement
    Comparative studies

  • E-Commerce

    3D visualization
    of consumer products

Reverse Engineering
Facilitates design innovation

Learn how the HDI Advance helped two-time Olympic medalist, Fabien Lefevre, redesigned a new hybrid kayak/canoe for his races.

Read the case study

Color Scanning

Color scans are especially valuable in 3D visualization applications where color and texture is critical. The HDI Advance automatically adds texture mapping to any object that is being scanned by the system when the color option is selected.

Industries that greatly benefit from 3D color scans include:

  • Archaeology and Paleontology for preservation and archiving
  • Ecommerce for product visualization
  • Gaming and Visual Effects for 3D modeling for characters/objects

Customized Solution

The HDI Advance is a component-based solution that gives you the option to tailor the system specifically to your needs by upgrading individual hardware components (cameras/lenses). The scanner also offers the flexibility to adapt to your scanning needs in the long term. To enhance scanning performance, upgrade only certain components you need without purchasing a completely new system.

Need to scan extremely small objects?
Discover the HDI Advance Macro Kit