3D Scanning Software

Powerful engine powering the HDI and Metron 3D scanners

FlexScan3D is truly the brains behind the HDI and Metron 3D scanners’ fast scan data capture and advanced post-processing capabilities (including cleanup, aligning and merging 3D scans, and measurement analysis).

Do It All in FlexScan3D


Each HDI and Metron 3D scanner comes with FlexScan3D software, a powerful 3D scanning software. Capture and clean up your 3D scan data all in one place. Align and merge 3D scans into a complete digital 3D model quickly without exporting to a separate software application. FlexScan3D provides basic and advanced post-processing capabilities, saving you money and valuable time.

Automated Features

3D scanning is typically only the first part of a project for data collection. FlexScan3D provides automated post-processing capabilities to streamline your 3D scanning process. Spend less time scanning, and more time on your project.

Automatic Mesh Geometry Alignment

Two scans align automatically even if they are not in close proximity or in different orientations.

Interactive and automatic hole filling

Select specific holes/regions for hole filling, or set parameters and allow FlexScan3D to do the job for you.

Automatic Cut Plane Feature

Define the background plane and FlexScan3D automatically eliminates it during scanning, leaving you with only the scanned object.

Additional Features

Photogrammetry data alignment
Photogrammetry Data Alignment

Makes it easy to scan large and complex parts by automating 3D scanner data alignment with the use of markers.

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Deviation Analysis
Basic Deviation Analysis

Mesh-to-mesh comparison to determine the accuracy level and for benchmarking without using a third party software.

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Automating the 3D scanning process
Automating the 3D Scanning Process

Reduce scanning time by automating the 3D scanning process with rotary table system (sold separately).

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Total Control with Powerful SDK

FlexScan3D’s software development kit (SDK) empowers developers to customize automated 3D scanner controls and data processing capabilities tailored specifically for their applications. With an extensive API library and scripting functions, it’s easy to create custom scripts and programs to control exactly how the scanner acquires and processes scan data.

Automate the Inspection Process with Geomagic Control

Manufacturing quality products is important to a company’s reputation and brand. Program FlexScan3D and Geomagic Control to work together seamlessly as part of your quality inspection process. Create a one click scan-to-inspection operation to automatically scan manufactured parts, compare part measurements against a standard, and output a comprehensive report.