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Brocolli 3D scans
At The Lab

Which 3D Scanner Is Best For Scanning Small Objects?

In our testing lab, we’re always interested in pushing the boundaries of the 3D scanner we get our hands on. Our goal is to discover best practices and technologies that result in the highest possible 3D scan quality. For this test, we wanted to try out different 3D scanners and see which one is best for scanning small objects.

Artec Studio 3D Scanners
Featured Article

Why Buy An Artec 3D Scanner?

Because You’ll Get More Value and Longevity Compared To Other 3D Scanners In The Market

Artec continues to be at the forefront of 3D scanning development with new innovations coming out every year that pushes the technology to new heights. With an impressive list of new items rolled out this year including Artec Studio 16 3D scanning software and Artec Cloud, here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in an Artec 3D scanner.

You’ll Be Amazed By Reason #3

Artec Studio’s HD Mode Makes Even a 6-Year-Old Artec Eva Perform Like A Brand New 3D Scanner!

GoMeasure3D Shop
GoMeasure3D Online Shop

Fueling The Maker In You

From vanishing 3D scanning sprays for scanning challenging surfaces to CAD modeling software to build your best creations, we’ve got them all to turn your ideas into reality with the help of 3D! We recently launched our newly redesigned GoMeasure3D Shop with tools (hardware & software) to help you finish your creations that much faster and easier!

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Artec Cloud Online Collaboration platform
First Reaction Video

New Artec Cloud Online Collaboration Platform

Our team gives their first impressions of using Artec Cloud after getting exclusive access prior to launch. With this online collaboration platform, you can share, store, collaborate, and process 3D scan data all by just using the web browser! You no longer need a powerful computer in order to process scan data! There is also a big plus for Mac users! Watch the video to see why ▶️

💡 In the video, we’ll cover:

What Is Artec Cloud? • How It Works? • Our Takeaways + Findings

Happy Hour Workshop

3 Takeaways From Our Happy Hour Workshop:
Reverse Engineering From Scan To CAD

For those who missed this session, here’s a quick recap by exploring 3 questions and the key takeaways.

We had our first-ever virtual Happy Hour Workshop this year. It was a great place where anyone could ask us questions and our team would answer them with a live demonstration. In this workshop, our focus was on the topic of reverse engineering. Our goal was to show how much easier and simpler it is to use 3D scanner data as a reference for product design instead of designing a CAD model from scratch.


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