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Spring is the best time to boost your productivity. This edition features resources that can help you get better 3D scanning results and tackle 3D scanning challenges. We’ll also show you new tools for design + inspection, and more!


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Church Facade 3D Scanning
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How To Combine Data From Different 3D Scanners To Improve Scanning Results

Did you know you can easily add more detail and accuracy to your 3D models by combining scan data from multiple 3D scanners? You can use two or more Artec 3D scanners and merge the results to get the best from each system.

In this webinar, we’ll go deeper into the benefits and spend most of the session demonstrating how to process and combine scan data from all five Artec 3D scanners: Ray, Leo, Eva, Space Spider, and Micro. Submit your questions throughout the demonstration and we’ll answer them live.

* Check out the Church Facade scan data scan using both the Artec Leo and Ray on Sketchfab!

WEBINAR: How To Combine Data From Different 3D Scanners To Improve Scanning Results

Thursday, April 22, 2021
(1PM EST / 10AM PST)

Rhino 7
New Software Release

Rhino 7 is Finally Here!

This version of Rhino is considered the most significant upgrade in the history of the 3D CAD modeling software. Create organic shapes with new SubD tools. With Rhino.Inside.Revit, you can finally run Rhino and Grasshopper inside the Autdesk Revit environment. Develop a beautiful quad mesh from NURBS geometry or meshes using the robust QuadRemesh algorithm. There are completely new modeling workflows and refined features to take your design as you always imagined it, if not better!

* Buy or Upgrade Now With Our Best Price Guaranteed!

How To Scan Dark, Shiny, or Clear Surfaces With A 3D Scanner [With Video Demo]

How To Scan Dark, Shiny, or Clear Surfaces With A 3D Scanner [With Video Demo]

While 3D scanners can scan most objects without a hitch, there are some surfaces that are more challenging to scan. These types of surfaces include dark, shiny, and transparent surfaces. In our webinar, we’ve been talking a lot about 3D scanning challenges lately so we’ve updated this popular article.

Mesh2Surface Plug-in For SOLIDWORKS
New Technology for Scan to CAD

Mesh2Surface Plug-in For SOLIDWORKS

The best thing about Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS is its synergy with SOLIDWORKS tools. This affordable Scan to CAD plugin solution helps you reconstruct a professional CAD model with the guidance of 3D meshes from any 3D scanner. With efficient tools inside your favorite CAD software to generate surfaces and curves, get ahead by using scan data as a starting point for design and get all your work done under one platform.

Spraying A Part Versus Untreated Surface For Challenging Parts
At the Lab

Spraying A Part Versus Untreated Surface For Challenging Parts

To get a better understanding of the impact of spraying a part with a 3D scanning spray like AESUB coating compared to leaving a challenging surface untreated, we did our own analysis. Watch our video to find out whether it’s better to spray a part with challenging surfaces than without.

Geomagic Control X Essentials
Video Demo

Geomagic Control X Essentials

Wonder what Geomagic Control X Essentials has to offer in this new affordable edition of the 3D inspection software? Compatible with any 3D scanner or portable CMM, this is a great solution for organizations who are getting started on scan-based inspection and want to realize the benefits of 3D inspection software without a large investment.

* Watch our video demo to see what a scan-based inspection system can do for you.

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