Artec Leo 3D Scanner

The world’s first AI-based
handheld 3D scanning system

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Artec Leo is the next-generation wireless professional-grade 3D scanner. It features smart workflow using NVIDIA Jetson to instantly capture high-resolution 3D models to its built-in multi-touch HD screen.

Experience True Mobile 3D Scanning

Artec Leo

Artec Leo is the first 3D scanner to offer onboard automatic processing—without a computer or tablet. With the most intuitive workflow, it makes 3D scanning as easy as taking a video.

See your full color 3D model built directly on the scanner itself. Check your model, change the settings, or use simple tools directly on the scanner’s touchscreen. Connect wirelessly to a second screen for ease of scanning or collaborative work. With a built-in battery pack, ergonomic grip, and a minimalist design, Artec Leo is a perfect solution for scanning objects in hard-to-reach locations.

New AI-Powered HD Mode

Get 2x Resolution for Eva and Leo 3D Scanners

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  • fast scanning speed
    Breakthrough in Scanning Speed

    Artec Leo is the fastest professional handheld 3D scanner on the market with 80 frames per second capture rate.

  • fully mobile
    Fully Mobile Scanning Experience

    Hold the Leo in one hand and walk around freely. Scan your object unhampered by any wires or additional equipment.

  • scan large objects
    Scans Large Objects

    With its large field of view, Artec Leo can scan and process even large objects and scenes fast and accurately.

  • challenging surfaces
    Scan Challenging Surfaces

    Now with 3D HDR, Artec Leo makes it even easier to scan black and shiny objects. These surfaces are normally tricky areas for other 3D scanners to capture.

  • capture every detail
    Capture Every Detail

    Picks up intricate details with 3D point accuracy of 0.1 mm. Sweep over large areas fast, or zoom in on detailed areas for increased precision.

  • large professional lens system
    Large Professional Lens System

    Collects the maximum volume of data with pinpoint accuracy right across the field of view, resulting in the most precise 3D model.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

Artec Leo is the smartest 3D scanner on the market with its own internal computer, the NVIDIA Tegra mobile platform. It features FPGA, CPU and GPU processors to run Leo’s own 3D software and process large volumes of data. Other advancements include:

Artec Leo
9 Degree of Freedom (DoF) Inertial System

Only handheld 3D scanner to precisely pinpoint its position within its surroundings to differentiate between horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as floors and walls.

Enhanced Color Capture

Using disruptive VCSEL light technology, Artec Leo excels at digitizing hard to scan textures (including skin) and scans well even in bright conditions. You can regulate the intensity of the flash to improve color capture further.

Built-in Solid State Drive (SSD)

It stores 256 GB on the SSD drive, ideal for 3D scanning in the field. Extend the capacity by storing unlimited data on micro SD cards.

Artec Cloud

Leo + Artec Cloud = Better Together

Did you know you can upload projects directly from the Leo to Artec Cloud without needing SD cards or cables? You can even process the scan data without Artec Studio!

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Artec Leo achieves unparalleled precision in texture mapping at a resolution of 2.3 megapixels. It uses a proprietary two-in-one optics system that combines a 3D camera and color camera as one.

Video Demonstration

Technical Specifications

Scan Speed

How fast one is captured


How much detail is captured


How true a measurement is to real value

80 frames per second
real-time scanning

0.2 millimeter

100 microns

Artec Leo

7 Reasons Why Artec Leo Takes 3D Scanning to The Next Level [With Video Demos]

Learn more about why Artec Leo is considered the next-generation of handheld 3D scanners.

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Industry Applications

  • Artec Leo crime scene 3D scanning
  • Artec Leo body scanning

Mobile scanning is not just for consumer-grade scanners anymore. Artec Leo can scan a wide range of objects, from small mechanical parts to the human body, cars, boats or crime scenes. Experience true mobile scanning with Artec Leo’s impressive high-resolution scan data results used for industry applications including:

  • Industrial design and manufacturing
  • Science and education
  • Healthcare
  • Forensics
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Art and design