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How Structured-Light 3D Scanners Work
(With Video Demonstrations)

Structured-Light 3D Scanner

3D scanners might look like complex technology. But if you think about it, they’re pretty much devices that create digital replicas of physical objects with three-dimensional qualities, or the addition of depth information. It’s similar to using cameras to take photos of the real world into 2D images.

In this article, we’ll explore the mechanics of how a structured-light 3D scanner works, including video demonstrations.

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New Release

What’s New in Artec Studio 12 3D Scanning Software?

Artec Studio 12

Artec Studio 12 software that powers the Artec line of 3D scanners is the most user-friendly version yet. This new version has 28 new features, with approximately 75% of which are based on customer’s feedback. The main idea behind Artec Studio 12 is to optimize productivity by making it smart, automated, and easy to use while producing professional high-accuracy, high-resolution results.

How does Artec Studio 12 achieve this goal? Let’s look at some key features.

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New Release

What’s New in SpaceClaim 2017?

SpaceClaim 2017

SpaceClaim 2017 is full of new features and enhancements. It makes it even more intuitive for creating and editing 3D models quickly to speed up your workflow in design, reverse engineering, manufacturing, 3D printing, and simulation.

New features include:

  • Fly Through Feature: Dynamically move through the model and visualize designs from the inside out
  • Produce Faceted Models: Create lattice structures inside of your part to ensure your 3D printed component has the ideal strength-to-weight relationship
  • New Scripting Enhancements: Save editing and remodeling time with automation with no programming skills required
  • Volumetric Sweep: Produce a faceted body for creating and visualizing motion paths or envelopes, or for creating cuts from the path of a moving tool bit in machining operations
  • Flatten Surfaces with Minimal Distortion: With a single mouse click, you can unflatten a design into a 2D surface such as sheet metal

Artec Studio or SpaceClaim 2017 Software Upgrade

Printing Resource

Practical Industry Applications to 3D Printing Beyond the Hype

There are people who say that 3D printing is a fad that’s starting to fizzle. While others believe it still needs time to realize its potential to be the next technological revolution, like computers and the Internet.

If you look more closely at the media attention surrounding the hype of 3D printing, it’s mainly focused on consumer 3D printing or the potential of what it has to offer in the near future. Let’s look beyond the hype and examine concrete examples of how 3D printing has impacted different industries now.

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3D Printing Resource

Free Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing

Guide to 3D Printing

3D Printing Industries put together a comprehensive guide for anyone who is new to 3D printing or would like a refresher on all things related to 3D printing.

The 3D printing guide covers the following topics:

  • 3D printing basics
  • History of 3D printing
  • How various 3D printing technology works (Stereolithography, Laser Sintering, FDM, Inkjet, and EBM)
  • Various types of 3D printing materials
  • Practical applications
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