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SpaceClaim 2017 Now Available

SpaceClaim is a leading software for direct modeling of manufactured parts. It provides an intuitive way to create, edit, and repair 3D models without worrying about the underlying technology.


Traditional featured-based CAD software can be expensive, rigid, and require a CAD specialist to run the program. However, most of the time a direct modeling software like SpaceClaim gets the job done—faster and simpler. SpaceClaim is a direct modeler that gives any engineer, designer, and machinist the power and flexibility to create and edit CAD models with ease.

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What’s New in SpaceClaim 2017

SpaceClaim 2017 is full of new features and enhancements to make it even more intuitive for creating and editing 3D models quickly. From large changes to behind the scenes enhancements, the new version will speed up your workflow in design, reverse engineering, manufacturing, 3D printing, and simulation.

New Feature Highlights

What are the file formats SpaceClaim 2017 support?

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SpaceClaim has the following benefits when compared to traditional CAD software packages:

Improve Efficiency

SpaceClaim was designed to eliminate the complexities of traditional 3D modeling software. The software is easy to use without specialized training, reducing the time it takes from product development to market.

Increase Productivity

Remove the CAD bottleneck in your workflow by bringing CAD modeling
in-house. You forgo the need to outsource projects that can be expensive and have long lead times. By doing the work internally, it empowers your staff.

Easy to Make Changes

SpaceClaim enables anyone to create, edit, or repair geometry without worrying where the file originated from. Manipulate geometry faster and easier. Spend less time struggling and more time on productive work.

Intuitive Modeling Tools

SpaceClaim doesn’t require you to have any specialized skills in order to create or edit CAD models. Easily create and modify features with four modeling tools: pull, move, fill, and combine. While feature-based approach to modeling can confine you from editing the models later on with a lot of complexities, SpaceClaim’s direct modeling approach allows you to modify the design at a later time if needed, without restrictions.

Reverse Engineering

Easily create solids from STL reference
Recreate models quickly

With SpaceClaim, you can create CAD models using 3D scan data. This is especially valuable when the original design documents are no longer available and you need to reproduce the part or build a new product (ie. accessory, case) using a part’s measurements. SpaceClaim is the perfect solution for handling STL files.

  • Quickly create complex solids from scratch
  • Sketch curves along the facets of an STL file
  • Adjust a model’s geometry
  • Easily create fixtures around mesh data
  • Convert 2D models or STL files into a solid 3D models
  • Modify the geometry of worn parts
  • Clean up messy and noisy scans
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Skin Surfacing Tool

SpaceClaim’s Skin Surfacing tool provides greater efficiency within the reverse engineering workflow to:

  • Create accurate surface geometry from any faceted file
  • Leverage simple facet selections to automate surfacing
  • Create a blended solid model from cross sections
  • Easy to reverse engineer even complex organic shapes

Concept Modeling

Easily edit the model without reconstructing features
Design multiple concepts from scratch in less time than traditional CAD software

SpaceClaim enables engineers to quickly and easily visualize, communicate, and evaluate designs in 3D for product design and development. In contrast to the confines of history-based concept modeling and its complexities, SpaceClaim gives you the freedom to focus on the creative process and not on the technology.

  • Develop new concept models quickly for sharing with your customers and staff
  • Work with any geometry data, no matter where it came from and merge them together in one environment
  • Collaborate in real-time with your design team in an engaging 3D environment
  • Create photorealistic renderings before committing to detailed design in CAD
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Within two days of actually implementing SpaceClaim, we were up and running and actually making very complex models.

Gene Garbaccio COO, 3Discovered

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