New AI-Powered Artec Eva and Leo: Doubling Scan Resolution and Boost Scan Quality

Published on October 14, 2020. Written by: Pauline Tang

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AI-Powered HD Mode is currently exclusive to Artec Eva and Artec Leo handheld 3D scanners.

Artec 3D is pioneering the future of 3D scanning by combining the technology with artificial intelligence (AI)—making two of its most popular handheld 3D scanners more powerful than ever before. This is all thanks to the new AI-powered HD Mode inside the latest release of Artec Studio 15.1 3D scanning software.

What does this all mean?

Carla Lauter, editor of, sums up this upgrade perfectly:

“Imagine downloading an update to your computer that enabled its processor to go twice as fast, or downloading an update to your TV that produced a picture twice as sharp.

Artec 3D has made this type of upgrade a reality with the latest release of their Artec Studio 15.1. This latest release, however, moves beyond additional features to fundamentally changing the scanner’s resolution and output–without changing the hardware.

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Artec 3D’s new HD Mode doubles the resolution of scans without a hardware upgrade

artec hd mode honda engine

Simply by updating to the latest software release, you can expect an upgrade in the following areas with the AI-powered HD mode:

  • Higher Resolution: Now Up to 0.2mm in resolution!
  • Dramatic Noise Reduction: Sharper and cleaner raw data and final model
  • Wider Scanning Range: Ability to scan smaller and larger objects with denser data
  • Scanning challenging objects: Better at scanning objects with thin features, difficult to reach areas (holes, gaps, etc.), and shiny/dark objects


HD versus SD mode
Comparing two scans side-by-side, you can see that the HD mode produces sharper scans that is more representative of the real-world object.

With the addition of a new set of AI-powered algorithms inside the latest version of Artec Studio 15.1 3D scanning software, Eva and Leo became better at understanding and processing data—it’s now more than doubled the resolution. When switched to the HD Mode prior to 3D scanning, the handheld 3D scanners deliver richer and denser scan data with minimal noise just with a software upgrade. This is the first-of-its-kind neural network for 3D scanning.

hd mode boost resolution

3D Scanning Challenging Objects

It’s well-known that there are some surfaces that are difficult for a 3D scanner to capture. With the latest update, the HD Mode is better at 3D scanning surfaces including:

  • Hard to reach geometry
  • Sharp edges/thin features
  • Dark/reflective surfaces
  • Hair/Fur
car grille physical object
Now Artec Eva and Leo are even more powerful in capturing stunning 3D scan data for objects that are dark, thin, and with holes such as this car grille.
car grille artec eva hd mode
Car grille scanned with the Artec Eva handheld 3D scanner in HD Mode

Already Have an Artec Eva or Leo?

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You just need the latest Artec Studio 15.1 release and you will get 3D scanning results as though you got a completely new 3D scanner! If you need to upgrade your Artec Studio software to the latest version, please feel free to contact us. We can help you get this done.

Want To See This For Yourself?

As an Artec Ambassador and Gold Certified Partner, we’ll be happy to give you an online demo—virtually in real-time on your computer to show you the latest improvements in the two scanners.

Book an online demo and we can answer any questions you have about implementing this technology into your work.

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