Is Rhino 6 for Mac Available? Yes! It’s Finally Here.

Published on August 7, 2019. Written by: Pauline Tang

Rhino 6 for Mac has just been released. Apple users can now enjoy all the benefits of Rhino 6 natively in macOS! You can now use the latest version of Rhino without the need to run the software in a Windows environment through Bootcamp!

The software is available in Dark Mode which glows in the dark.

What’s New In Rhino 6 For Mac?

Essentially Rhino 6 is now pretty much the same for both Mac and Windows operating systems. When you buy Rhino 6, you can use whichever operating system to install it.

We’ve covered the new features for the CAD modeling software when Rhino 6 for Windows was launched last year. They also apply to the Mac edition.

You can check out updates and improvements in this article with highlighted videos, tutorials, and resources. Or, check out the product page for more details.

Are There Any Feature Differences Between Rhino 6 For Mac Versus Windows?

They are essentially the same. The differences are minimal but we would just like to point them out in case you are wondering:

Take a look at the chart for a quick comparison between Mac versus Windows.

What Are The System Requirements for Rhino 6 For Mac?

Rhino 6 for Mac supports macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave) and macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra).

Check out the full system requirements before purchasing.

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