How To Combine Data from Different 3D Scanners To Improve Scanning Results

How To Combine Data from Different 3D Scanners to Improve Scanning Results

Did you know you can easily add more detail and accuracy to your 3D models by combining scan data from multiple scanners?

You can use two or more Artec 3D scanners (i.e.: Leo/Eva with Space Spider, or Ray with Leo) and merge the results to get the best of each system.

In this webinar, we go deeper into the benefits including:

  • The advantages of having a larger scanning volume of one scanner and the high resolution and accuracy of another
  • Scanning deeper into small cavities of large objects
  • Increasing the resolution of your scans where it matters
  • Making it easier to scan challenging objects

We’ll spend most of the webinar demonstrating how to process and combine scan data from all five Artec 3D scanners: Ray, Leo, Eva, Space Spider, and Micro.

This webinar is ideal for anyone:
  • Who has an Artec 3D scanner and is looking to get the benefits of another system by combining 3D scanning results.
  • Who is looking to buy a 3D scanning solution that can benefit from the strengths of different 3D scanners.
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