Tips and Tricks on How To Speed Up Your 3D Scanning Workflow

How to speed up 3D scanning workflow

Learning how to use a 3D scanner in the most efficient way takes a lot of practice and experience. Getting bogged down by long 3D scanning sessions impact productivity, and can be a pain to process on the computer. In this live webinar, our experts will give you the inside scoop on how to optimize your 3D scanning workflow. Learn the tricks of the trade in an hour and come out of this session set up for success. We’ll also cover best practices for 3D scanning large objects.

We’ll cover:
  • Understanding What Your 3D Scanner Sees: Learn how to best position your 3D scanner in relation to the object to capture the best scans.
  • Planning + Preparation: Things you can plan ahead of time to make it much easier to scan and process the data later on, including the use of scanning aids.
  • Reduce 3D Scanning Hiccups: How do you avoid losing tracking when 3D scanning?
  • 3D Scanning Software: What tools are readily available and how to use them to their full potential?
  • Computer and Processing: How do you have the right computer set up for faster processing?
  • Q&A to answer questions
This webinar is ideal for anyone:
  • Users who don’t want to be slowed down by long 3D scanning sessions anymore
  • Anyone looking to buy a 3D scanner and wants to implement best practices when getting started on 3D scanning
  • Users who are having difficulties 3D scanning large objects
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