Boost Scan Quality With AI-Powered Artec Eva

Ai-Powered Artec Eva Handheld 3D scanner

With the power of AI, Artec unleashes a new level of what Eva handheld 3D scanner can achieve by getting exceptionally clean and extremely sharp raw 3D scans. Learn how the new AI-Powered HD Mode doubles scan resolution and empowers you to scan more objects than ever before.

We’ll cover:
  • How Artec’s AI do all the heavy lifting to deliver stunning 3D scanning results
  • Artec Eva’s new ability to scan wider range of parts
  • Types of challenging surfaces it can scan
  • New opportunities for Eva in 3D scanning
  • Q&A to answer questions
This webinar is ideal for anyone:
  • Anyone looking for a powerful, all-purpose 3D scanner.
  • Existing Artec customers who are looking to upgrade to Artec Studio 15.1 to make their Eva feel like a new 3D scanner!
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