Fully Automated 3D Scanning Solution

Published on February 6, 2018.

Tom demonstrates a fully automated 3D scanning solution setup as an array using three HDI Advance 3D scanners in conjunction with an automated rotary table. One computer powers this entire operation.

The principle behind this method of automating 3D scanning is to:

  1. trigger a series of scanners to create a large field of view pretty quickly
  2. capture all angles of the object at one time without moving the scanner or the object.

You can invest in a high-end scanners that can take an entire field of view of the object, or you can use an array of scanners to accomplish the same thing — at a much reduced cost.

This is especially useful for scanning large objects (sculptures, large mechanical parts like a door panel, or even scanning people when you want to capture the face and body all at one time) and to do alignment and merging of scans automatically.

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