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3D Scanning Learning Center

learning center

At GoMeasure3D, we want to unveil the “magic” behind 3D scanning technologies.

That’s why we created a dedicated online learning center. Whether you need to brush up on the basics or just getting started, you’ve come to the right place for 3D scanning knowledge.

We’ll keep adding more resources, so check in often.

Buying Guide

Making a Case to Your Boss: Why Invest in a 3D Scanner?

Why Invest in 3D Scanner

How do you convince upper management that a 3D scanner purchase will turn out to be a great investment for your company? Good news! We’re here to help.

We developed a guide that shows the benefits of investing in a 3D scanner specifically for reverse engineering and quality inspection applications.

Get ready for the new year

Still Have Budget Left to Spend for 2018?

budget to spend

We’re getting really close to the end of the year, which is a great time to get ready for next year.

If you still have budget you would like to spend this year, now is the best time to purchase 3D scanning equipment.

Contact us to get a quote today.
We can work with you to meet your deadlines.


Comparing Standard versus High-End Scan to CAD Reverse Engineering Package

3d scanning

This article demonstrates the Scan to CAD process by reverse engineering an industrial part using two paths.

  1. Standard package: Metron E 3D scanner and Ansys SpaceClaim
  2. High precision package: Metron E-HD 3D scanner and Geomagic Design X

The test evaluates the packages as a whole, meaning the 3D scanner and reverse engineering software is tested as a single entity.

About GoMeasure3D

We deliver 3D scanning and measurement solutions that transform real world objects into digital 3D models for industry applications including CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, quality inspection, scientific measurement, and 3D visualization. If you have any questions related to 3D scanning or 3D measurement technology, ask our technical specialists and they would be happy to help you out.