Spring 2022 Issue

The Power of 3D Scanning ⚡

At GoMeasure3D, we love to push the limits of 3D scanning through testing and refinement. We’re always experimenting to find ways to do work better and faster while achieving the best results.

In this edition of the newsletter, we love to share our findings with you and invite you to our Open House.

GoMeasure3D Open House 2022
You’re Invited

Come to Our 3D Scanning Open House

We look forward to seeing you there!

For the past 2+ years, we’ve been doing more online demos than ever before. Now, we’re super excited to connect with you once again in person at our Open House. Come see us at our Harrisonburg office on May 11.

  • We’ll be demonstrating what’s new in professional 3D technologies featuring Artec 3D scanners and Geomagic software.
  • You are welcome to bring your part and we can show you how we can scan it into a digital 3D model.
  • We’ll show you the new Artec Leo and Artec Studio 16 3D scanning software.
Please RSVP by May 4 & Reserve Your Spot Today!

Best 3D Scanning Accessories
Featured Article

Staff Picks: A Guide To The Best 3D Scanning Accessories

Because A Little Help Goes A Long Way

When it comes to 3D scanning, there are times when it’s difficult to scan challenging surfaces, fixture unstable parts, or get the work done more efficiently. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of our staff to reveal some of the tried and true 3D scanning accessories we use in our lab. We’ll also offer some tips and tricks to get you the best 3D scanning results.

💡 In This Article, We’ll Cover:

3D Scanning Spray • Accessories that Boost Efficiency • Fixturing Tools • Scan Alignment Tools

Why 3D Scanning Software Shouldn't Be An Afterthought In Your Buying Decision [+Tips]
Featured Article

Why 3D Scanning Software Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought In Your Buying Decision [+Tips]

Because The Power Is In The Software

3D scanning software often gets overlooked when it comes to buying a 3D scanner. We’ll give you 5 reasons why the power is actually in the software.

❤️ You’ll Love Reason #3

Simply upgrading the 3D scanning software to the latest version can dramatically boost performance.

Video Demo Series

Reverse Engineering in SOLIDWORKS (Scan to CAD) Video Series From Start to Finish

In this 5 part video series, Paul shows you the thought process behind reverse engineering a mechanical part assembly (an oil pump) with multiple components. He explains the step-by-step process of using a 3D scanner, exporting the scanned data of each component into STL format, and importing it into SOLIDWORKS as a visual reference for design. He’ll also show you how to put the CAD components back into an assembly.

▶️ New videos will be released every Tuesday.

4 Features Our Team Loves About Artec Cloud [And What It Means For You]

4 Features Our Team Loves About Artec Cloud [And What It Means For You]

Artec Cloud is an online collaborative platform for storing, sharing, viewing, communicating, and processing 3D scan data—all on a web browser.

Our team was fortunate to have exclusive access to Artec Cloud before it was released. Now that we have spent more time using it on a daily basis, we set out to figure out what features we love the most about it.


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