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This edition features new technologies and resources to propel you to work more efficiently, improve your processes, reduce cost, and be innovators—all to help you gain a competitive edge. Time to start planning for the New Year!

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Sketchfab staff pick
New Technology

New AI-Powered Artec Eva and Leo Boost 3D Scan Quality

Combining 3D scanning with artificial intelligence (AI), Artec made two of its most popular handheld 3D scanners more powerful than ever before. This is all thanks to the new AI-Powered HD Mode inside the latest release of Artec Studio 15.1 3D scanning software. The handheld 3D scanners now deliver richer and denser scan data with minimal noise just with a software upgrade.

* Check out our Wheel scan using the AI-Powered HD Mode featured as Staff Pick on Sketchfab!

WEBINAR: Boost 3D Scan Quality With AI-Powered Artec Eva

Thursday, November 12, 2020
(1PM EST / 10AM PST)

How Do I Reverse Engineer A Part Using Low-Quality 3D Scan Data?
GoMeasure3D Answers

How Do I Reverse Engineer A Part Using Low-Quality 3D Scan Data?

You only have less than desirable 3D scan data to work with and that is the only information available for use to reverse engineer a part from scan to CAD. Learn how to do it in this article with video demonstration.

Control X
New Technology

New Affordable Versions of Geomagic Control X

Imagine getting a feature-rich 3D metrology system at an affordable price that covers all of your fundamental inspection needs! Now with new lower-priced editions of Geomagic Control X, more people can benefit from using scan data from a 3D scanner or portable CMM for scan-based inspection.

WEBINAR: How To Implement An Affordable 3D Inspection System

Friday, November 13, 2020
(1PM EST / 10AM PST)

Decimating 3D Scan Data

Everything You Need To Know About Decimating 3D Scan Data [With Video Demonstration]

During the 3D scanning process, a 3D scan mesh can output into an enormous file size. Doing this extra step of decimating 3D scan data helps reduce excess and redundancy to boost efficiency. Read our latest article for an in-depth look.

Quicksurface website


We launched a new dedicated website for QUICKSURFACE low-cost 3D reverse engineering software. We want to make the software more accessible so more people can benefit from using scan data from a 3D scanner as a basis for design. We’ll be adding more resources to the new website in the form of videos, application examples, and documentation soon so please stay tuned!

Reverse Engineering From Color 3D Scan Data

Reverse Engineering From Color 3D Scan Data

Sometimes, you want to take advantage of using color scans when converting scan data to CAD. It’s one of the tricks we picked up from our experience that will make your work easier—and faster. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits and how it’s done.

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