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Automating the 3D Scanning Process and Why You Need It

Automating the 3D Scanning Process and Why You Need It

When you’re looking to purchase a 3D scanner, one of the options you should consider is to see if you want to automate the 3D scanning process. This way, much of the work doesn’t need to be done manually. This article explains the different ways to automate 3D scanning and the applications most suitable for each method.

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Case Study

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Streamline Furniture Design and Production Processes

Scan to Prototype

MU Form Furniture Design is an Oakland-based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes furniture products for the modern home and business. To produce a new original piece of furniture, the company would normally ship a physical prototype model to a factory overseas so they reverse engineer the model by using a router duplicator to create a wood mold.

Learn how the furniture manufacturer change its design process using the Artec 3D scanners to boost productivity, save time, and cut costs on prototyping.

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Common Questions on Portable CMMs

Kreon High Accuracy Portable CMM

Portable CMM is a device for collecting surface geometry measurements of an object. When we’re talking about portable CMMs usually what comes to mind is the type that uses a measuring arm, also called an articulating arm. This article answers common questions including:

  • Why you need one?
  • What do you need to consider when buying a portable CMM?
  • What are the advantages of using portable CMM compared to traditional CMM?
  • What are the differences between a portable CMMs and 3D scanners (such as laser or structured-light)?
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Product Demonstration


Karbon Optical CMM Demostration
Tom gives a quick demonstration of how the KARBON Optical CMM works.

KARBON delivers accurate measurements using a contact probe for reverse engineering and quality control applications. Simply set up the dual camera head system on the tripod and start taking measurements of physical parts with the stylus. The hardware is lightweight and portable (12 lbs) so you can take it anywhere for all your measurement needs—on the shop floor or on the production floor.

Product Development and Design Magazine Article

Four Benefits of 3D Scanning When Designing a Product

Benefits of 3D Scanning When Designing a Product

The advent of 3D technologies has opened a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to designing products. 3D scanning in particular has many benefits for product development. And while in the past, the process of obtaining a 3D scan was difficult, today the situation is very different.

This article discusses further on the four benefits to using 3D scanning for design:

  • Allowing for more intricate designs quicker
  • Adding flexibility to designs
  • Streamline logistics
  • Providing the designer with a 3D file
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As you plan for 2018, please let us know if you need help finding a 3D measurement solution for any new projects or to expand your capabilities. Purchasing equipment this year will ensure you are off to a good start in the New Year.

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