Metron Macro
3D Scanner

Scanning small parts into 3D with high resolution and accuracy

The Metron Macro 3D Scanner is a powerful tool for capturing intricate details of small objects

3D Scanning in Fine Detail

Actual Size: 0.5 inch in width
Scan sample of small insect (Pentatomidao Cappaeini Halyomorpha)

The Metron Macro 3D scanner is great for scanning extremely small objects such as tips of syringes, screws, bolts, and small insects for capturing intricate details. It is perfect for capturing 3D measurements or digital 3D model for objects less than two inches in size or a scanning volume of 1.5” x 1.5” x 1”. The smallest part the Metron Macro can scan is approximately 0.5 inches.

Technical Specifications

Scan Speed

How fast one is captured


How much detail is captured


How true a measurement is to real value

Diagonal Field of View

Observable area the scanner can capture

Core System

Macro R1x

1.3 seconds per scan with full field scanning

1.1 million points per scan

20 microns per scan

50 mm

Best Value

Macro R3x

1.2 seconds per scan with full field scanning

2.6 million points per scan

13 microns per scan

60 mm


Macro R5x

1.2 seconds per scan with full field scanning

4.9 million points per scan

9 microns per scan

60 mm

Impressive Accuracy

HDI Macro Scanner

The Metron Macro 3D scanner uses industrial grade machine vision cameras to produce high accuracy scan quality data at an ultra fast speed of 1 second per scan. It produces results with extreme precision for such a tiny scanner.


Up to 9μm or 0.009mm (Macro R5x)

Video Demonstration