MeasureXL Optical CMM

Measure with Freedom

Portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that makes it simple to take accurate 3D measurements for professional applications including reverse engineering and scientific research.


MeasureXL gives you the power to measure anything you need in three-dimensional space.

What’s special about MeasureXL is that it is a wireless portable CMM with a large measurement volume.

Wireless Probing Technology

MeasureXL with probe

MeasureXL is a handheld optical CMM that truly gives you the freedom to measure. The probe is completely wireless. You aren’t bounded by wires like conventional portable CMMs. No articulated arms or wires to worry about that can restrict your movement.

Data collected from MeasureXL can be used for a wide range of industry applications including product design (reverse engineering) and scientific research (landmark studies).

MeasureXL focuses on what really matters:

It’s super easy to setup and take measurements.
Measure once, get results instantly.

How It Works

Taking measurements with MeasureXL is simple.

  • MeasureXL touch probe

    Use the probe to touch a point you want to measure.

  • MeasureXL Optitrack

    The optical tracker pinpoints the location of the probe to take measurement points.

  • MeasureXL software

    Results show up instantly on MeasureXL’s own software or directly in Rhino 3D CAD modeling software.

quick measurements

Efficient at Work

MeasureXL is a useful tool for any applications where you need to take quick measurements in real-time.

Your Measurement Toolkit

Screenshot of MeasureXL

MeasureXL handheld optical CMM include its own standalone software to measure and create all types of 2D geometry (arcs, lines, and splines), 3D geometry, as well as angles, distances, and points. It contains basic measurement tools, but it’s all you need. Once all the measurements are taken, export directly to IGES (CAD) or CSV (Text).

Measurement Tools

  • measurement distance
    Measures Distance
  • measures angle
    Measures Angles
  • measures 2d & 3d geometry
    Measures 2D & 3D Geometry
    (Arcs, Lines, Splines)

Export Directly

  • file type-iges
  • file type csv

Measure Large Objects

MeasureXL gives you plenty of space to work in with a large measurement volume. You can even measure large objects. The portable CMM has a flexible measurement range for measuring objects from the size of a baseball to the dash of a car.

MeasureXL measuring large object

Other Features

  • fast set up time
    Fast Set Up Time

    Spend less time setting up and more time collecting measurements. No calibration needed!

  • ultra portable
    Ultra Portable

    It’s self-contained in its own carrying case. Pack it up and take it on travels. It’s lightweight and ready to go!

  • cost-effective solution
    Cost-Effective Solution

    Trusted for professional use, the system is competitively priced compared to conventional portable CMMs.

Rhino 3d Logo

Build CAD Models Fast

MeasureXL handheld optical CMM is fully integrated with Rhino 6 for Windows for reverse engineering.

Unleash the Power of Scan to CAD with Rhino 3D

Rhino 6 with MeasureXL

Speed up the product design process by creating CAD models fast! Reverse engineer objects to create CAD models using existing parts as a reference for the new design. MeasureXL collects measurement points off the contours of an object and the results show up in real-time inside of Rhino 3D. Create any 2D and 3D geometry imaginable inside of Rhino faster than you can do it designing from scratch.

Creating CAD Model of Organic Surfaces

Technical Specifications

MeasureXL field of view
0.01” (0.25mm)
Field of View:
Front: 20″ (X) x 10” (Y)
Rear: 42” (X) x 30” (Y)
Depth: 61” (Z)
Probe Battery Life:
~ 6 hours of continuous use
Required Hardware:
Windows 10 Computer
Intel i5 processor (minimum)
1 USB Port
Software Compatibility:
Rhino 6 For Windows
MeasureXL Software
Probe Diameter:
2mm (Standard)
Addition probes available