HDI Advance Macro

Transform the HDI Advance 3D Scanner for macro scanning

The HDI Advance Macro is a powerful tool for capturing intricate details of small objects

Macro 3D Scanning

The HDI Advance Macro Scanner Kit is an add-on accessory to the HDI Advance R3x for scanning extremely small objects such as tips of syringes, screws and bolts, and small insects with high precision accuracy.

The kit includes the following equipment to modify the HDI Advance R3x into a macro 3D scanner:

  • A new mounting system
  • An upgraded projection system
  • A set of 35mm lenses
  • Calibration board
Scan sample of small insect (Pentatomidao Cappaeini Halyomorpha) measuring 0.5 inch in actual size

Technical Specifications

Scan Speed

How fast one is captured


How much detail is captured


How true a measurement is to real value

Diagonal Field of View

Observable area the scanner can capture

0.88 seconds per scan
with full field scanning

2.6 million points per scan

15 microns per scan

50 mm

Scan Samples

Video Demonstration