Inspection Probing

Compare2CAD works seamlessly with major measuring arms to deliver an integrated computer-aided inspection solution inside SOLIDWORKS.


Compare2CAD is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS for inspection and metrology. Using a measuring arm, it turns your CMM into an easy-to-use tool to compare features between your SOLIDWORKS model and the real world part. Measure planes, circles, cylinders, even surface deviations and get a report on whether the manufactured part pass or fail inspection.

Do It All In SolidWorks


There’s no need to import or export your SOLIDWORKS models which can be a hassle. Instead, work with the original tool you used for the design. Don’t pay for the extra features you will never use. Compare2CAD provides the value you need without spending too much of your budget on an inspection system.

Key Features at a Glance

Datum Alignment
Use features in your model to define a coordinate system on the part.
Probing Measurement
2D features (i.e. slots, circles) and 3D features (i.e. spheres, cylinders)
Inspection Plan
Create a list of features to inspect.
Deviation Map
Locate high deviation areas using rainbow style color maps.
Execute inspection plans on multiple parts.
Create professional PDF reports and export CSV files to be used in SOLIDWORKS Inspector.

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Compatible CMMs

Compare2CAD supports the following measurement arms:

System Requirements


SOLIDWORKS 2010 SP1 to 2017 (64 bit)

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Computer with Windows 7 (64 bit) or later operating system