Artec Studio 11
3D Scanning Software

Industry-acclaimed software for advanced
3D scanning and scan data processing

Artec Studio 11 makes 3D scanning easy for new users, while making the workflow more efficient for experienced users. The software optimizes your 3D data with speed, ease, and accuracy.

Available Versions

Artec Studio 11 software is an advanced 3D scanning and scan data post-processing engine. The latest version has faster processing speed than its predecessors with improved algorithms. It is available in two versions: Ultimate and Professional

Artec Studio 11 Ultimate

Artec Studio 11

For use with all Artec 3D scanners and third party sensors

Compatible with all Artec scanners and selected sensors including Kinect for Windows V2 and V1, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM), Intel RealSense R200 (DS4), PrimeSense Carmine, ASUS Xtion sensors, XYZprinting 3D scanner.

Artec Studio 11 Professional

Artec Studio 11

For use with all Artec 3D scanners exclusively

Use all of Artec Studio’s advanced features for scanning and processing 3D data for Artec scanners including Eva, Space Spider, and Spider.

What’s New in Artec Studio 11?

Artec Studio 11 brings a whole new level of automated features, designed with speed and usability in mind. The software continues to be best in class in texture and geometry tracking meaning you don’t need to put targets on your object. Just point and shoot to capture 3D scans. Here are the latest key features at a glance.

Artec Interface
Fresh, Sleek User Interface

  • 3D rendering that makes all small detailing clearly visible
  • New modernized icons for an intuitive workflow
  • Smart tooltips with illustrative examples
  • Optimized for mobile 3D scanning for tablet screen and resolution. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet is the ideal platform for mobile 3D scanning.

Smart mode guides users through post-processing in easy steps, automatically selecting the most effective settings for your data and producing great results.

Directly Compatible with CAD

Software features direct export to Design X and SOLIDWORKS CAD software, making the scan-to-CAD process easier than ever before.

Enhanced Auto-Align Feature

Auto-align now works with geometry as well as texture. According to our statistics, up to 95% of objects can now be fully aligned automatically.

scanning small parts

3D Scanning has never been so straightforward

Scan with Artec Studio for fast and stunning results using Artec’s unparalleled algorithms. The software includes the following functionalities to make 3D scanning easy for people without prior experience:

  • Total control of your movements with powerful texture and geometry tracking, even with jerky movements
  • Immediately picks up scanning where you left off
  • Build your model while you scan with Real-Time Fusion mode
  • Turn off the flash for scanning photosensitive objects

Make 3D Models in 3 Ways

Post-Processing of Scanned Data

Post-processing in Artec Studio 11 is now much faster and easier thanks to these new features.

Automatic Base Removal
Automatic Base Removal

This feature automatically deletes the flat background on the scanned objects (i.e. floor, table) so you can skip the manual erasing process.

Simplify mesh
Simplify Your Mesh in a Flash

Optimize your 3D model file size by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands, while a retaining high quality mesh.

Texture mapping
Texture Mapping at Lightning Speed

The new texturing algorithm now uses your videocard in the most efficient way. It is up to 10 times faster than in Artec Studio 10.

How does Artec Studio 11 compare with previous versions?

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Analyze Your 3D Models


Artec Studio comes with basic deviation analysis tools for measurement analysis:

  • Measure the surface and volume of your 3D model
  • Export linear, geodesic and sections measurements in DXF, CSV and XML
  • Annotate your 3D model
  • Compare scans and models with surface distance maps

Use 3D scanned data in other software packages

Once post-processing is complete, export your 3D models into various formats and use them in your favorite software application.

  • Easy sharing CAD systems
    New! Direct Integration with
    CAD Systems

    One button export makes it a seamless scan-to-CAD experience directly into Geomagic Design X and SOLIDWORKS (using an add-in). Version 11 also adds the CAD required NVIDIA Quadro to its list of compatible video cards.

  • Export

    Export 3D models into the format you need:

  • Import

    Import into a wide selection of software: