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3D Scanning in Industry Applications

3D scanning is a fast way to collect surface measurements from physical objects into 3D digital form accurately with repeatable results. 3D scanners are becoming more widely adopted due to their affordability and versatility. Many industries use 3D scanning as part of their processes to improve efficiency and product quality.

This guide explains the flexibility of 3D scanning technology and its uses in different industry applications including reverse engineering and quality inspection.

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Sketchfab’s Initiative to Preserve Cultural Heritage

Photo Source: Horniman Museum

3D scanning is great for preserving large collections into digital format. With the popularity of 3D scanning on the rise, more people are capturing physical objects into digital 3D models for archiving. Sketchfab is leading the movement by creating a platform to allow anyone to publish and share digital 3D models online. We share our 3D content on Sketchfab through our GoMeasure3D account.

Sketchfab is a firm believer that the easier it is to share cultural artifacts, the easier it is to learn about our cultural heritage and roots. To support this cause, they are offering free business accounts to all cultural institutions. Organizations like the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are already on board. To learn more about this initiative, please go to Sketchfab’s website.

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Product Release

New Versions of Geomagic Design X 2016 and Geomagic Control 2015

Geomagic has recently upgraded its industry leading software:
Geomagic Design X 2016

Reverse Engineering Software

New features include an updated user interface, new exact surfacing tool, and enhanced HD Mesh.

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Geomagic Control 2015

Quality Inspection Software

New features include updated MCAD file format support and new advanced reporting tools.

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GoMeasure3D is an authorized distributor of Geomagic software. For more information on Geomagic products, please visit our website or contact us at

3D Scanning Tip

How to Scan Dark, Reflective, or Clear Surfaces with a Structured-Light 3D Scanner

It is challenging to scan parts that are shiny, dark, or transparent using a 3D scanner that uses light as a projection source. Light scatters when scanning these difficult surfaces. These two videos explain and demonstrate how to prepare these types of parts for 3D scanning. A developer aerosol spray is handy in coating parts. It sprays a white powdery substance to create a matte surface finish. The white powder can be wiped off easily after scanning. Watch the videos to learn more.

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At GoMeasure3D, we deliver 3D scanning and measurement solutions that transform real world objects into digital 3D models for industry applications. If you have any questions related to the benefits of 3D scanning in your industry, our technical specialist would be happy to speak with you.

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