HDI Advance R4x
3D Scanner

Flexible 3D Metrology System

The HDI Advance R4x 3D scanner is ideal for metrology applications and demanding projects that require high accuracy and detailed resolution scan data with repeatable results.

Results You Can Trust

The HDI Advance R4x is the latest edition to the HDI Advance 3D scanner line. It was developed specifically for metrology applications such as quality control inspection, or demanding projects that require high accuracy and detailed resolution scan data. When you depend on having accurate measurements to make important decisions, it’s crucial to know that the scan data you are getting from an optical instrument is reliable information you can trust. The R4x was designed to deliver superior scanning results.

Non-Contact 3D Scanning

No physical contact is made with target while scanning to ensure there is no measurement interference.


Carbon fiber bar secures cameras for improved camera stability and measurement reliability.

  1. 2 x 4.1 Megapixel USB 3.0 Cameras
  2. Carbon Fiber Bar
  3. Heavy Duty Tripod for Stability

Technical Specifications

Average scan data results using the HDI Advance R4x 3D scanner.

High Accuracy

36 Microns
Exceptional accuracy at up to
0.036 mm per scan

Detailed Resolution

3.2 Million Points
Up to 6.4 million polygons
per scan

Capture Measurements Fast

1.3 Seconds
Per scan with
full field scanning

Flexible Field of View

Adjustable Field of View with 5 Preset Camera Slots
field of view
Field of View (FOV)

The observable area that a 3D scanner can capture a 3D scan at a certain distance.

R4x preset smaller fov
Scan Smaller Objects

create smaller field of view by using inner camera slots

R4x preset larger fov
Scan Larger Objects

create larger field of view by using outer camera slots

Similar to other HDI Advance scanners, the R4x model has the ability to scan objects in various sizes by adjusting its camera configuration. The scanner has a flexible field of view with five preset camera slots ranging from 212 mm to 676 mm. Use the inner camera slots along the carbon fiber bar to create a smaller field of view for scanning smaller objects, or move the cameras apart to create a larger field of view for scanning bigger objects. The cameras can be rotated for additional fine tuning to minimize occlusions or create larger stereo angles.

Advanced Post-Processing Capabilities

The purchase of the HDI Advance R4x 3D scanner includes a copy of FlexScan3D scanning software. The scanning engine provides the following advanced post-processing capabilities with scan data cleanup and measurement analysis:

Automatic Mesh Geometry Alignment

Two scans align automatically even if they are not in close proximity or in different orientations.

Interactive and automatic hole filling

Select specific holes/regions for hole filling, or set parameters and allow FlexScan3D to do the job for you.

Automatic Cut Plane Feature

Define the background plane and FlexScan3D automatically eliminates it during scanning, leaving you with only the scanned object.

Basic Deviation Analysis

Mesh to mesh comparison to determine accuracy level and for benchmarking without using a separate third party software.

Total Control with Powerful SDK

FlexScan3D’s software development kit (SDK) empowers developers to customize automated 3D scanner controls and data processing capabilities tailored specifically for their applications. With an extensive API library and scripting functions, it’s easy to create custom scripts and programs to control exactly how the scanner acquires and processes scan data.

Automate the Inspection Process with Geomagic Control

Program FlexScan3D and Geomagic Control to work together seamlessly. Create a one click scan-to-inspection process to automatically scan manufactured parts, compare part measurements against a standard, and output a full 3D quality inspection report.