HDI 100 Series

Compact Design, Powerful System

The HDI 100 Series of 3D scanners produce repeatable 3D scanning results while operating in tough industrial conditions.

Small Package, Big Power

The HDI 100 Series is the smallest industrial 3D scanners using blue LED projection technology. The scanners are small enough to fit in tight spaces, from assembly lines or machining centers as an automated inspection system. They can be fully integrated in most pre-existing manufacturing scenarios, making the integration process quick and painless. With its compact design, you can use them wherever your work takes you.

HDI 120

49 x 74 x 276 (mm)

HDI 109

49 x 100 x 155 (mm)

  • Solid aluminum body
  • Dust proof
  • Water resistant (IP67 rated)

Available Models

HDI 120

For medium sized objects

0.3 seconds per scan with full field scanning

985,000 points per scan

60 micron per scan

Scan Speed

How fast one is captured


How much detail is captured


How true a measurement is to real value

HDI 109

For small objects

0.3 seconds per scan with full field scanning

985,000 points per scan

34 micron per scan

Hassle-Free Setup

The HDI 100 Series of 3D scanners requires minimal setup to get you started 3D scanning sooner. These industrial 3D scanners come factory calibrated so there is no need to re-calibrate for accuracy.


Plug the system into an electrical outlet

Install Software

Install FlexScan3D on your computer


Capture 3D scans and clean up scan data

Automate the Scanning Process

Configuration 1

Configuration 2

Typically the 3D scanning process involves taking a scan of one side of an object, rotating the part, and repeating the process until desirable scans are captured for clean up into a digital 3D model. By connecting multiple scanners together to a single computer, significant scanning time is reduced through automation compared to manually scanning the part.