Artec Ray
3D Scanner

Long-Range Industrial 3D Laser Scanner

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A high accuracy LIDAR instrument that is ideal for precise capture of large objects or scenes. With the ability to scan up to 110 meters away, the Artec Ray gives some of the best results among 3D laser scanners.

Capture Large Objects Or Scenes In High Resolution and Accuracy

Artec Ray

The Artec Ray is the fastest, most accurate laser 3D scanner for capturing large objects such as wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes, and buildings.

The system captures 3D scans with submillimeter distance accuracy and best in class angular accuracy, empowering you to use the data even for engineering calculations. Data capture using the Artec Ray is cleaner than that from any other 3D scanner of this type. The noise levels are minimal. Capturing clean raw 3D data speeds up post-processing significantly, making 3D scanning a hassle free job.

How It Works

Artec Ray

Artec Ray is a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system. It uses the pulse from a laser to collect measurements in order to create 3D models and scenes of objects and the environment.

Portable and compact, 3D scanning with Artec Ray is easy. Set it up indoor or outdoor. Just place the 3D scanner on a tripod in front of your object and press the button.

The laser beam moves in a vertical plane and scans the space around, managing to create more than 200,000 points every second. The 3D scanner rotates itself in the horizontal plane (360°) and covers 270° vertically.


Artec Ray scanning distance range

Long-Range 3D Scanning

Artec Ray is capable of scanning over long distances. It’s working range starts from 2 metres and reaches up to 110 metres. To put it into perspective, that is more than the height of Statue of Liberty.

  • Battery Powered 3D Scanning
    Battery Powered 3D Scanning

    A built-in battery lets you scan both indoors and outdoors for up to 4 hours, without a need for a power source nearby. The Artec Ray is a perfect solution for on-site 3D scanning.

  • Control With Your Phone or Tablet
    Control With Your Phone or Tablet

    The Artec Remote app enables you to easily scan all angles of a large object without being tethered to a computer. Available for both iOS and Android, the 3D scanning process can be controlled by any mobile device or tablet via WiFi.

  • Capture in Color
    Capture in Color

    Artec Ray also records color data to make navigating through the 3D scans that much easier.

Easy 3D Scanning

Artec Ray

It is very easy to work with the Artec Ray long-distance 3D scanner. One person can control it. It requires a tripod as well as a computer. Within just a few minutes, Artec Ray is able to scan large space. Simply moved over to another spot and capture a scan to get more coverage. Repeat until all the areas are you need are captured.

Better Together

Pair the Artec Ray Lidar system with an Artec handheld scanner (Eva, Leo, or Spider), to scan difficult to reach areas. Scan the interior of a car or to easily add intricate detail to a large-scale 3D model. Working together, there is no limits to what you can capture in 3D.

3D Scanning to Downstream Applications

Studio 14 with Geomagic Design X

The Artec Ray LIDAR system scans and processes 3D data directly inside the powerful Artec Studio software. Use the wide range of comprehensive tools available and then seamlessly export to Geomagic Design X at the touch of a button to make the most out of your 3D laser scanning experience.


  • reverse engineering
    Reverse Engineering
  • inspection
  • construction
    Construction (BIM)
  • product design
    Product Design
  • heritage preservation
    Heritage Preservation
  • forensics

Video Demonstration

Technical Specifications

Range Up to 110 m
Ranging Error <0.7 mm @ 15 m
Angular Accuracy 25 arcseconds
Range Noise, 90% Reflectivity 0.12 mm @ 15 m
Range Noise, 10% Reflectivity 0.3 mm @ 15 m
Color Two fully integrated 5 megapixel cameras
Weight Under 5 kg

Sample Scans

  • Smart Car
  • Klemm L25d VIIR LX-MA Airplane With Color Texture