Artec Micro
3D Scanner

Industrial Desktop System For 3D Scanning Small Objects

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The Artec Micro is an ultra-high precision 3D scanner designed for applications including scan-based design and especially ideal for metrology type applications such as quality control and inspection.

Scan Small Objects with Ease

Suitable For Quality Control and Precision Mechanics
Artec Micro

The Artec Micro is a compact desktop 3D scanner ready to scan in seconds. It’s a perfect solution for creating 3D digital replicas of small machine parts, jewelry, dentistry, and more.

Designed with minimal user involvement, simply mount the object on the circular scanning platform and you’re ready to scan. Choose from a variety of smart scanning paths. Then watch in real time as your scan unfolds on the computer screen in amazing detail. After minimal training with the Artec Micro, you will already be scanning on your own in under an hour.

Fully-Automated 3D Scanning Experience

The Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner creates a complete 3D digital model of your object using:

  • Advanced twin color cameras
  • Blue LED lights
  • Dual-axis rotation system perfectly synchronized (swing & rotation)
  • No scan alignment aids (no need to add targets or markers)


  • Capture Every Detail
    Capture Every Detail

    The 3D scanner is designed to create exact digital copies of small objects, tiny parts, and jewelry with high precision detail and accuracy.

  • Easy 3D Capture With Just One Click
    Easy 3D Capture With Just One Click

    The Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner is fully-automated with a press of a button. It’s automated 3D scanning at its finest.

  • High Repeatable Results
    High Repeatable Results

    Data captured from Artec Micro are industrial-quality results you can rely on. It’s great for demanding applications that need dependable results.

Scanning small objects

High Accuracy Scanning

The Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner is capable of generating 3D scans up to 10 micron (0.01 mm) point accuracy. To put that in perspective, that’s 1/10 the size of a single grain of table salt for scanning small objects to capture every detail.

How it Works

Applications for 3D Scanning Small Objects

3D Scanning to Downstream applications

Artec Micro

See your 3D scans come to life on the screen as Artec Micro integrates directly with the industry-acclaimed Artec Studio 3D scanning software for real-time digital capture. After scanning, Artec Studio makes it easy for you to process your data. Simply follow the same series of steps as you would with Artec handheld 3D scanners, and then export to:

Popular Metrology Software:
Be Transformed Into CAD/CAM Data:

Technical Specifications

Data Acquisition Speed

How fast one is captured


How much detail is captured


How true a measurement is to real value

1,000,000points per second

0.029 millimeter (up to)

10 microns

Sample Scans

  • Teeth Plaster Cast

    Scanning time: 4 minutes
    Processing time: 20 minutes

  • Pipe Bend

    Scanning time: 4 minutes
    Processing time: 20 minutes