Rapid Prototyping

Affordable 3D printers speed up the product design process

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing is now accessible to all designers and engineers. Why not put AXIOM 3D printers on the desks of 30 engineers for the same cost of buying one large and expensive 3D printer to share amongst your team? These desktop 3D printers will speed up your company’s product design and development process and get your products faster to market.

Bring Product Design Ideas to Life in just a Few Hours

Design (3D Modeling)
3D Printing


Sparks Collaboration and Communication

Empower collaborators to see, test, and refine a tangible design instead of simply viewing the blueprint on screen.

Fosters Design Innovation

Ability to create prototypes quickly makes it easy to test out design iterations to see which is the best option.

Improves Efficiency

Rapid prototyping streamlines your design and development process, saving valuable time and money.

Minimizes Risk and Saves Money

Create a proof of concept to ensure there are no errors before final production, saving headaches down the road.

Why AXIOM 3D Printers are Great for Rapid Prototyping?

Print Bigger

AXIOM 3D printer large build volume empowers designers to print large 3D parts as big as 12″ x 8″ x 10″.

More Material Choices

With 40+ materials to select from, designers have limitless possibilities for part’s form, fit and function.

Print in Fine Detail

Interchangeable nozzles with different orifices (0.35, 0.50mm) offer versatility of models with good to detailed definition.

Best Value for
Prototyping and Production

The new Direct Drive extruder assembly option makes it easy to create complex 3D prints out of traditionally hard-to-use materials. From flexible materials like TPE and TPU to strong, hard materials like polycarbonate and polypropylene, Direct Drive delivers clean, beautiful prints. Even if your settings aren’t perfect, it is very difficult to mess up a print. AXIOM 3D printers are about 1/3 the price of the next machine that prints these materials effectively. They are especially great for printing functional prototypes and consumer products — even custom 3D printed shoes for Feetz.

3D Printing Case Studies

Airwolf AXIOM desktop 3D printers are fast, versatile, and reliable for demanding rapid prototyping applications in various industries. Here are just a few innovative companies that use Airwolf 3D printers to reduce cost often associated with conventional prototyping methods and make the product design process much faster than ever before.

JetPack Aviation

JetPack Aviation makes jet turbine powered backpacks capable of vertical takeoff and landing. For their 3D Printed JetPack tank, making a master pattern using traditional 5-axis CNC machining of modeling foam or aluminum costs would cost between $5,000 and $12,000. Using the Airwolf 3D AXIOM 3D printer, the total cost was less than $400.

“Airwolf 3D’s latest AXIOM 3D printer was the key enabling technology to allow us to rapidly prototype our new 3D Printed JetPack fuel tank prior to committing to actual tooling.”

Nelson Tyler Designer JetPack Aviation
Saleeen Automotive

Saleen Automotive is a specialty manufacturer of high-performance vehicles. The company produces large-scale plastic prototype parts made from an Airwolf 3D printer strong enough to place inside their muscle cars.

“It used to take six weeks to build prototype parts for our cars. It was a complicated process that included CAD designs, sending designs to a tool maker, having the prototype injection molded and returned to us. And if the prototype wasn’t perfect, we repeated the process until we were satisfied. With our Airwolf 3D printer, we accomplish the same thing in two days. Not only do we get parts into production faster, we can also modify and refine our designs faster.”

Sven Etzelsberger Vice President of Engineering Saleen Automotive