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New Standard in Desktop 3D Printers

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Speed Meets Precision

With unparalleled speed, resolution, ease of use, and durability in one sleek package, Airwolf3D (AW3D) printers set a new standard in desktop printing. The AXIOM model of 3D printers offer performance and features that simply beat other 3D printers 3x the price. It produces larger, cleaner, and more detailed models than other competing models.


The toughest, tallest, and most precise 3D printer in its class, the AXIOM 20 has 3x the build volume and 4x the build speed of the original AXIOM 3D printer.

Axiom 20 3D printer in action


  • High Speed For Faster Print Times

    Operates at printing speeds of up to 250 mm per second, and travel speeds as high as 400 mm per second.

  • High Accuracy 3D Printer

    With a 40 micron minimum layer height, and an X, Y resolution of 20 microns, the printer is extremely accurate.

  • Quality Construction

    Rugged built construction with high strength extruded aluminum and injection molded polycarbonate enclosure.

  • Easy Feed Filament System

    AXIOM 3D printer draws new filament into its print head automatically.

  • Jam Prevention

    3D printer’s hotend reaches high temperatures designed to resist clogs.

  • Made In USA

    Manufactured in USA with one year parts and labor warranty.

Select a Model

AXIOM 3D printers provide a wide selection of materials to print, from tough and rigid to soft and flexible.
All models now come with the Direct Drive extruder.

Which 3D Printer Model is Right for You?

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Extruder System Prints Difficult Materials

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Why Choose AXIOM 3D Printers?

Prevents Warpage

AXIOM’s fully enclosed print chamber provides womb-like protection in a thermally stable environment. A heated environment prevents warping and cracking while providing optimal print quality. This is highly critical when printing very large 3D prints.

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Enclosed Chamber

Bigger Prints

Compared to other 3D printers out on the market, Axiom has the best build-to-size ratio in the world of enclosed printers. With a build volume ranging from 912 in³ (AXIOM Dual), 1000 in³ (AXIOMe/AXIOM), to 3000 in³(AXIOM 20), it is ideal for making large 3D prints for rapid prototyping and manufacturing functional products.

Auto Leveling

Build to Size Ratio

Build to Size Ratio

No Need for Calibration

No more headaches to calibration issues by eliminating calibration altogether. The Auto Leveling system minimizes setup time. Simply start a print and AXIOM will handle the rest. The 3D printer automatically calibrates its print bed ensuring optimal bed leveling and head spacing before beginning every print.

Auto Leveling

Precision at High Speed

The revolutionary Core-XY motion control provides excellent print resolution at amazing speed commonly found in high-end manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines. The system provides equal push-pull torque on both sides of the print head, eliminating nasty backlash commonly found in other 3D printers.

Core-XY motion control

Long Term Investment

End-User Replacement Cassette (ERC) enables users to easily replace components or to install device upgrades with minimal downtime and extends AXIOM’s service life. With rapid advances in 3D printing technology, ERC protects user investment by ensuring that the latest advances can be incorporated into the machine quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

End-User Replacement Cassette


Commercial Applications

AXIOM 3D printers print in a wide range of materials from rubber-based TPE and TPU to strong, hard materials like polycarbonate and polypropylene. They are a great investment for companies looking to create functional prototypes at an affordable price. How will Airwolf 3D printers transform the way you design your products?

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3D Printing in the Classroom

AXIOM 3D printers have the durability, ease-of-use, and safety features that make them ideal for teaching STEM. They provide students in universities, colleges, and technical institutions relevant skill sets to improve their chances at employment. What are the benefits of implementing Airwolf 3D printers into your school?

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